Tips To Help You In Your Search For A Home Business

So glad our paths have crossed because…

At the very least I will be able to give you some information that will educate you so you don’t get “taken for a ride” out here on the Internet.

Over the years I’ve learned from a lot of great people and with that I’ve taken a lot of notes.

Here are some things from those notes I took for you to consider before you put your time, energy and reputation into just “any” home business because the fact is not all of them are created equally!

Does the company have a proven track record of consistent growth and has it been established for 10 years or more?  Most companies fail within first 5 years.

Is the company is debt-free or have a solid financial standing?  You want to partner with one that will last and that pays on time.

Does the company offer unique and consumable products?

Are the products competitively priced?

Is the personal monthly requirement low?

Is the entry fee low?  Understand this is a business NOT a job and there is a fee to start up BUT you should NEVER pay more than $500.  REPUTABLE companies will have an affordable start up fee with an option to upgrade within a certain time frame.

Is the company a member of the Direct Selling Association and the Better Business Bureau?

Is there a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in place so NO ONE can get hurt?

And MOST IMPORTANT… Does the company ALLOW you to market other non-competing products/services that you see fit?  Because it should be your RIGHT to do that!


RULE OF THUMB – If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is because HYPE doesn’t tell the whole story, it only tells the upside.




6 Responses to Tips To Help You In Your Search For A Home Business

  1. i have new home business, 2 week ago i build it.
    i dont have annual income statistics. so, can you tell me where i can get annual report?

    Girilaya Real Groups recently posted..5 Free Business Tools To Check Out

  2. AMAZING advice Shelly! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂
    Donna Stewart recently posted..A Residual Income to Last a Lifetime

  3. I will add to Girilaya’s comment…. if a company doesn’t provide average income statistics , that might be a red flag to be wary of.
    Donna Stewart recently posted..She Realized that it IS Possible!

  4. Joanna Partyka says:

    Thanks Shelly for sharing, these are some great pointers!

  5. Michelle Connolly says:

    Awesome insights here Shelly, and all legit questions that majority of people don’t even think to ask because they get sucked in by all the ” Hype” . Real and solid business principles are so crucial in your search. Nothing happens overnight that is for sure.

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