Are You Struggling In Your Network Marketing Business?

And the story goes like this…

I was really struggling in my network marketing career. I would have success, then lose it, have success, then lose it. It was a vicious, ugly cycle.

So I went looking for a little support and guidance outside of my company.

I ran across a woman who appeared to say all the right things and have all the right answers. So almost immediately if not sooner, I began to follow her and her teachings, and I did so for a period of just over two years.

During that time, not only did I learn a few things about marketing, but in retrospect, I also learned a few things about myself…

Read the entire story here:


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The Most Important Thing To Know in Business

Business is a game and you’ve got to learn how to play it because if you don’t, you will lose.

And I don’t want to sound harsh but I have to be real because I don’t want you to lose.

So if you’re at a point right now with your business and you’re feeling like it’s a struggle to maintain…

Click HERE

To get information on what helped me do a COMPLETE 360 in mine because I’m confident it can help you too!


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When The Student Is Ready…

When I stood back and had a good look at my life, I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working and it took a lot of courage for me to ask for help…

…because between me, you and the fence post, it scared the crap out of me and made me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!

And even though I recognized that I needed help peeling back that onion to figure stuff out, for the longest time I was too embarrassed to ask for it.

But eventually, I came to the conclusion that I could either pretend that nothing was wrong, like I had done for so long and keep going on about my business as usual, which by the way sucked…

Or I could be open to asking and becoming aware of the teachers who were holding out their hand to show me a new path.

Needless to say, I’m very grateful I grabbed their hand because the new path has been well worth it!!!

So don’t do what I did and waste time sitting in embarrassment…

Ask for help because you deserve nothing but the best!



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A Crucial Tip for Home Business Owners

There will always be people who say things about marketing styles being “out of date” or “overused” a.k.a. old school vs. new school.

Yada Yada Yada

Granted, stuff does change like technology, but here’s the thing.

Those people do that because they know there’s a BIG possibility that your efforts out here on social media or anywhere else for that matter, aren’t bringing home the bacon.  In fact, your pig is probably starving.

They know you’re frustrated.

They know you’re irritated.

They know you’re feeling like something is wrong with you.

They know you will do/try just about anything to succeed.

They also want you to buy their stuff.

Did you catch that?  They want you to buy their stuff.

Typically, their stuff is a system, a tool, coaching services, etc.  And that’s all fine and dandy because I sell stuff too.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling.

Here’s what I want you to understand though…

Good marketing prepares people to buy without feeling sold and it solves a problem.

That being said, the people I’ve described to you will try to CREATE and/or MAGNIFY problems in your mind and then slyly offer you what appears to be a solution.

Usually in the form of a quick fix, something easy, the latest greatest system or it could be none of those.  They might not even share the solution with you right away because they want to leave your mouth watering for more.  I won’t get into the why behind this, just know it really happens.

You’re probably thinking… “That’s great Shelly, what are you telling me this for?”

I’m telling you this for a two reasons.

  1. It irritates the shit out of me to see you get taken advantage of.
  2. I want to help you because I can’t stand seeing these folks dump the 500 piece puzzle on the coffee table and when you’re not looking, slip 3 of the pieces into their pocket leaving you without a solution and emptied purses/wallets.

And here’s what I know about you…

You know there’s more to life than what you’re living.

You’re highly intelligent.

You’re self-motivated.

You’re determined.

And I know this because if you weren’t those things, you wouldn’t have felt this message and still be reading it.

Now before I give you some help, I want to let you know, there’s a nominal fee attached.  And there’s a fee because you’re going to have to buy yourself four books.

Not only are you going to have to buy the four books but you’re also going to have to read and study these books.  And if you’re gasping right now and thinking, “I don’t have time to read.”

I’m here to tell you, if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time for success.  PERIOD.  And if you don’t believe that, look at your current results.  How are they working for you?

Please, I’m begging you, do yourself a HUGE favor, read the following books to take advantage of this crucial tip (self-education) because many will not and the many who will not will be in the same place next year.  Spinning their wheels, broke because they keep buying stuff from people with not so good intentions and  living in frustration because success keeps eluding them.

I will close with one of my all-time favorite quotes from the late Jim Rohn:

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Here are the books, in no particular order:




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Facebook Page Marketing Tip (IMPORTANT)

If you have a Facebook page setup for your business…

I have two EXTREMELY important tips for you…

1. Make sure to have, at the very least, your phone number listed.

2. Make sure to either (a.) answer your phone or (b.) return a call immediately if not sooner.

Why, you ask?

Because I was just in the market for a very specific product and had a
couple simple questions I wanted answered before I purchased and since I
use Facebook so much, I did a search there.

Guess what?

The first page I went to only had a way to contact them via email…

The second page I went to only had a way to contact them via email but
they did have a link to their website which had their phone number BUT I
left them a voice message over 4 hours ago and still haven’t heard

Lucky page number 3…

Well, they had their phone number right there on their Facebook page ready for sales!!!

Guess who I’m doing business with???

All because of those 10 beautiful digits I was able to call right now and have some one actually pick up the phone!

Moral to the story…

The Internet and Facebook are powerful business tools when used correctly…

And at the end of the day…


So use the tools and KEEP IT REAL!

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