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“I like Shelly’s style and content.  She’s personable and treats each person like they are important by taking the time to help on an individual basis.” ~ Tom Adams


“Shelly is a fantastic person.  Not only is she a knowledgeable business owner she is also a successful WAHM.  She cares about people and is always willing to lend a hand.  A few months back Shelly helped me out with a problem I was having that no one else seemed to be able to answer.” ~ Melody Schramm White


“OUTSTANDING!  But even better than seeing your beautiful face….is seeing someone who is mature enough to put ego aside and thoughtfully consider input from those who have your best interests at heart.
That’s the mark of CHARACTER…..that’s the mark of a true LEADER!  (and sharing your insight in another video showed a lot of CLASS…it will endear your subscribers to you even more)  Wishing you Ridiculous amounts of Success!” ~ Wm.


“I did an audio series on the 7 Habits. I have a deck of cards with them on. Powerful stuff. Just reading a few lines of that wisdom gets me back on track.

Shelly, you have such clarity. I was thinking about people I’ve met online earlier, and of words that came to mind when I think of them. ‘Clarity’ sprung to mind immediately about you:

Clarity of purpose: It’s so obvious that you DO know your outcome.
Clarity of communication: Your tips are always so clear and concise.
Clarity of identity: You know who you are. There’s nothing wishy-washy about you.

Really admirable qualities. Thought I’d share them, in case I hadn’t before. :)” ~ Rebecca Woodhead


“Are you feeling Ten feet tall today…?  Well you should.  You helped me change my mind and action.  I earned an extra $1,000 on Saturday.  For me it’s a lot of income that might have not been earned without a change of my mind and action.  And we helped the person who paid me.  Wow. very cool  Thank you!” ~ Dave Hansford


“Average cost to start a business…$299

Money spent on countless coaches & training “goo-roos” on tools, systems, etc. that got me no where… close to $3,000

1 hour spent with a Rockstar Mentor with a Servant’s Heart…PRICELESS (but well worth over $15,000)

Shelly Allen …you BLEW me away.  Thanks for your help!” ~ Felicia Norman Starks


“This is probably the shortest video I have ever shared in the “Best of Better Networker” emails.  But if you have a Facebook Fan Page and you’re not a “techno geek” you are going to love Shelly Allen for taking a few seconds to share this.  Don’t tell me that you are too busy to watch this video because it’s only 49 seconds long… :-)” ~ Jason The “Better Networker”


“This summer I ran into Shelly on YouTube.  From the beginning I loved her videos and now I really love her blog.  Shelly’s blog has lot of great videos and tons of great content and the way it’s all packaged is so easy to watch, read, learn and interact!” ~ Debby Beachy


“Unlike most She gave practical How to do procedures.  That is really Fantastic.” ~ Somasundaram


You know what I like about Shelly Allen?
1. She has a great sense of humor.
2. She doesn’t flood my inbox with useless stuff.
3. When she does email, she has something to say.

Warren V.


You really have a heart for helping people and I appreciate it sooooo much.  Thank you,
Mark I.


I totally appreciate all your guidance, support and kick ass coaching!!!!Tracey C.





2 Responses to Just Sayin’

  1. Penny says:

    I totally agree with you Tom. “I like Shelly’s style and content. She’s personable and treats each person like they are important by taking the time to help on an individual basis. I love her emails with helpful hints and many links to other valuable information to help me become a successful blogger, as well tips for helping to build my blog.
    Penny recently posted..“Courage”

  2. Alice says:

    Shelly rocks…she is so real, if you enjoy feel good
    fluff, your not going to get it here.

    If you like the truth, grab your favorite beverage
    and dig into the wealth of info Shelly has for you!!

    Alice recently posted..But, I Only Want The Sexy, Cool People!

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