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Facebook Etiquette: The First Secret To Adding Friends

Watch this video to find out the first secret to making friends on Facebook. It’s a crucial step that most people miss when trying to create real online relationships that have the potential to last! Until next time… Nothing but … Continue reading

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How NOT To Market Your Business On Facebook

I’m always OPEN to listening to what folks have to say because I’ve learned not to ASSume. So I get this message in my Facebook inbox from this person (as you will read below). I’m always amazed at HOW some … Continue reading

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Bing + Facebook          

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Does Your Small Business Need A Facebook Page?

The other day I read an article over at and I learned that in 2010 more than 48% of small and medium sized businesses had a Facebook page. I really wasn’t surprised because Facebook is such a GIGANTIC social … Continue reading

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How To Remove Friends On Facebook

For the LONGEST time I have been unfriending/ removing people on Facebook the HARD way! I just discovered this and it is really SO EASY! Hope it helped! Learn more about 3-5 different collection methods and list building HERE!

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