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It Takes Guts To Believe In Yourself

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“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Star Wars and Yoda must be on the mind of a few people this week. I saw that my friend, Jackie Ulmer, had posted his picture on her Facebook wall with his infamous quote… And my friend, Freddy Rodriguez, wrote … Continue reading

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You Can Experience The Thrill…

WOOT WOOT! I just had to share and NO this is NOT an April Fools joke. I unofficially closed the month of March with 13 newly sponsored people into my businesses.  (Business #1, Business #2, Business #3) I OFFICIALLY became … Continue reading

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Because I Can And I Am…(My Manifesto Is Born)

A week ago today, I got together with my Mastermind Group. And one of my very good friends, Miriam Buhr, shared with the group the POWER of a MANIFESTO. In case you’re not clear as to what exactly a MANIFESTO … Continue reading

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The Truth About Attraction Marketing

I’m so tired of all the bulls#%t surrounding the infamous ‘attraction marketing’ theory… Now don’t get me wrong, a few years ago a handful of people made it HUGE by promoting it…so in their case, it’s not a ‘theory’. Today, … Continue reading

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