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Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Network Marketing Business?

Do you feel like you’ve been going nowhere fast in your network marketing business? Are you stressed out because you’ve been spending way more money than you’re making? Are you tired of getting tossed around like a beach ball with … Continue reading

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How To Decipher A Legitimate Guru From A Fake

I belong to a group on Facebook called The Women Of Facebook. The other day a “friend” of mine by the name of Heather Calhoun posed this question: “Are you a self-taught entrepreneur or did you invest in training? If … Continue reading

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Because I Can And I Am…(My Manifesto Is Born)

A week ago today, I got together with my Mastermind Group. And one of my very good friends, Miriam Buhr, shared with the group the POWER of a MANIFESTO. In case you’re not clear as to what exactly a MANIFESTO … Continue reading

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Leadership Is Everyone’s Business In 2012

I read this the other day… “Leadership is everyone’s business. No matter what your position is, you have to take responsibility for the quality of leadership your downline gets. You are accountable for the leadership you demonstrate. The only choice … Continue reading

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