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People Buy Stories

A few years ago I worked closely with what some consider a “prominent” Internet marketer. I will NEVER forget the day she told me, “It’s all a story. People think they know me but they haven’t got the slightest clue … Continue reading

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Are They Really Helping To Build Your Home Business?

My very good friend, Donna Stewart, made this post to her Facebook wall: “You know how you see so many of these “lead generation/blogging/marketing” affiliate programs and all these high cost “guru” trainings and coachingĀ  programs out here on Facebook….. … Continue reading

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Simple Math Exposes Fraud

Oooouuuu Weeeeee! I always LOVE when good friends of mine spill the beans and help good folks sniff out the stank. The below article was written by my friend and a man who I’ve learned a lot from, Andre Vatke. … Continue reading

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It’s NEVER Too Late To Change Your Direction

My motto is… “I’m willing to help you IF you’re willing to help yourself” And I gotta tell you, this has been a much longer road because the fact of the matter is… Brace for it because here comes the … Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As A FAKE GURU?

Well over three weeks ago, I did a call with Master Marketers, Andre Vatke and Steve Sakal, and the topic was… How To Spot A Fake Guru. If this wasn’t happening to me, I don’t think I would believe it … Continue reading

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