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When The Student Is Ready…

When I stood back and had a good look at my life, I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working and it took a lot of courage for me to ask for help… …because between me, you and the … Continue reading

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Attraction Marketing: Is It The Answer To Success?

After being on both sides of the fence… I came to the conclusion that a person needs to be very CLEAR on the answer to these questions before getting drawn into thinking “attraction marketing” will be the answer to success … Continue reading

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Stop The Insanity… The EASY BUTTON Doesn’t Exist!

If you’ve been looking for the EASY BUTTON (we all have at some point) to help you build your network marketing business… I’m here to say… it doesn’t exist. So in this video, I share just a few tips to … Continue reading

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Because I Can And I Am…(My Manifesto Is Born)

A week ago today, I got together with my Mastermind Group. And one of my very good friends, Miriam Buhr, shared with the group the POWER of a MANIFESTO. In case you’re not clear as to what exactly a MANIFESTO … Continue reading

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What Else Do YOU Take For Granted?

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