Meet Shelly

I am a crazy mom of 3 living life to the fullest in the relaxed, kick back town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

My hobbies include boating, health, fitness and self-development.

I absolutely love my life but am always open to and welcome change!

By total fluke in 2002, I discovered the powerful world of Network Marketing and in a  split second I knew it was dead solid perfect for me because the whole J.O.B. thing with the big boss man just wasn’t in my deck of cards.

In the beginning, having no real skills and a whole lot of unrelenting desire was a real plus because my ‘ignorance on fire’ helped me overcome my phone fear and build my business quickly.

But once the SMOKE cleared, I was left in a pile of ashes because after I wore out my friends and family and…

Spent hundreds and hundreds of hours and dollars on leads and my business was stagnant!

And since my upline was only three weeks older than me in the industry, we were “the blind leading the blind”.

So I took matters into my own hands and went searching for the missing a piece of the puzzle because I knew if I wanted success, I needed some guidance and support.

That being said…

I’ve been coached by some of the best in the industry and some of the worst.

So after taking the good with the bad and TWEAKING just a few things…

I finally figured out and cracked the code!

Not only am I back in the game building a thriving business…

The best part is…

I’m actively engaged in helping others with an unrelenting desire for both personal and professional freedom do the same!




10 Responses to Meet Shelly

  1. nancy says:

    I am the gal who emailed you. I have not completely given up. (but hey, I have not even touched the box I received when I signed up back in October). …can you help me figure this thing out?

  2. ShellyAllen says:

    Absolutely can help you figure it out, Nancy…

    Call or email me anytime…

    951.294.7547 or

  3. Penny Marsh says:

    Hi Shelly

    I am enjoying your emails and the valuable information you are giving me
    regarding Word Press Blogs. I am new at this! Your last email regarding
    inserting you-tubes, as you will notice in my blog, I am inserting you-tubes
    and I have not had a problem. Any input you can share with me regarding
    my blog would be greatly appreicated.

    Penny Marsh recently posted..“Choosing the Muscular Hunk-Beautiful Babe vs Love from the Heart”

  4. Jevon Hayter says:

    Hey Shelly

    Great site! I use priceless possiblities also it’s GREAT!
    Jevon Hayter recently posted..Home Based Internet Marketing Business | Open your store by Jevon D. Hayter

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  6. Susan Hinds says:

    Great site. Great to meet you Shelly!
    Susan Hinds recently posted..Could you be more successful in your network marketing business?

  7. Prakash says:

    Great site Shelly, its nice to leave a comment here.
    There lots of things which I can learn from you.

  8. Danny Baker says:

    Great videos. Your honest comments are refreshing.

  9. Sam Rath says:

    Hey Shelly,

    I just followed a link to your site from your youtube channel. I’m not sure why I found you when doing a search for Temecula Valley when your located in Lake Havasu City.
    Sam Rath recently posted..Hello world!

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