The Only Way Around FEAR is Through It

12 years ago today I started my first home-based business.

And when I first signed up, I was led to believe that I didn’t have to talk to anyone, I could just drive people to my replicated website and let the system do it’s thing. Sound familiar?

Yes, the same shit was going on back in 2002. It just wasn’t as prevalent or pretty as it is now.

Long story short, when I figured out that in order to be REALLY successful, I had to talk to people…

I almost QUIT because not only was I terrified of speaking to people face to face, I was terrified of the phone.

But I faced my FEAR and did what I needed to do because deep inside, I knew it was the path for me to follow.

Although I wasn’t quite sure where this path was going, I went down it.

And I am damn glad I did because I’m certain had I not, I wouldn’t have had the chance to speak to a room full of women, in a different country and share my story not too long ago.10660174_774366352601886_2692440637997189985_n

Nor would I be doing what I am doing today.

My point?

If you want different results…

You gotta do something different.

And while I completely understand the thought of FACING your FEAR doesn’t seem so warm and cozy…

I can guarantee you, if you let your life be run by FEAR, you will miss out on so much.

Stop being manipulated by your FEAR and other FEAR-FILLED people who sell you on “concepts” of how to get around your FEARS because the truth is…

The ONLY way around FEAR is through it.

Life is a series of tests and while those tests wear many different masks, once you take those masks off and learn the lesson underneath…

…that is when God, the Universe, Source or whatever YOU call it will step in, see your seriousness and open doors for you where you never thought possible.

Go for that which you want because…

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” – Dorothy Thompson


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