Facebook Page Marketing Tip (IMPORTANT)

If you have a Facebook page setup for your business…

I have two EXTREMELY important tips for you…

1. Make sure to have, at the very least, your phone number listed.

2. Make sure to either (a.) answer your phone or (b.) return a call immediately if not sooner.

Why, you ask?

Because I was just in the market for a very specific product and had a
couple simple questions I wanted answered before I purchased and since I
use Facebook so much, I did a search there.

Guess what?

The first page I went to only had a way to contact them via email…

The second page I went to only had a way to contact them via email but
they did have a link to their website which had their phone number BUT I
left them a voice message over 4 hours ago and still haven’t heard

Lucky page number 3…

Well, they had their phone number right there on their Facebook page ready for sales!!!

Guess who I’m doing business with???

All because of those 10 beautiful digits I was able to call right now and have some one actually pick up the phone!

Moral to the story…

The Internet and Facebook are powerful business tools when used correctly…

And at the end of the day…


So use the tools and KEEP IT REAL!

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  1. Shelly Allen says:

    Test comment!
    Shelly Allen recently posted..Success, Getting Uncomfortable & WIN-WIN

  2. Looking forward to reading through more. Great article.Truly thank you!

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