Autoship… Why Are You So Opposed To That?

OK…OK… maybe it’s the term you’re opposed to…


I get that because I don’t like “auto” anything.

I like to be in control or at least feel like I’m in control.

But for the sake of conversation…

Let’s talk about the “autoship” and why, if you’re wanting to create an income from home…a solid, lasting income from home… are you so opposed to it?

I mean really put some thought into that because…

If a company didn’t have an autoship in place, how then would you create a solid, lasting income?

You wouldn’t… you’d be on a constant grind… month after month… day after day.


You’d be no better off than going to a place that pays you for your time, doing something you don’t really want to do, being around people you don’t really like and not realizing your full potential…

All because you weren’t open enough to seeing the value in an “autoship”.

The value in purchasing month after month, doing your tiny part, supporting your fellow man/woman in creating a better future for yourself, your family and the people with the same vision as you.

The vision of freedom!

The vision of financial security!

The vision of never having to ask anyone permission to do anything…again!

So I’ll close with this…

Earning an income from home is about trust and openness.

If you can’t get passed the “autoship”…

There’s a problem.

Question is… where does the problem lie…

Is it the company you’re looking at?

Is it the person who introduced you to it?

Or is it you?

All three questions have solutions…

Just depends if you’re serious enough about your future and your vision to figure it out.

Need help… feel free to contact me… 951.294.7547 or




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