Are They Really Helping To Build Your Home Business?

My very good friend, Donna Stewart, made this post to her Facebook wall:

“You know how you see so many of these “lead generation/blogging/marketing” affiliate programs and all these high cost “guru” trainings and coaching  programs out here on Facebook…..

What I’d like to see are REAL examples (with documented proof) of people who bought in to these programs, trainings and coaching programs who are truly successful in their home business as a result.

Because that’s the point of these things right? To help folks become successful with their home business?”

And the reason I’m sharing it here on my blog along with my reply to it because I want to make sure my readers see it because my hope is that it’s helps in the evaluation process before joining anything of this nature.

So here’s the majority of my response to Donna’s original comment:

“Here’s the dealio and what people don’t understand about these things…

And keep in mind, this is my opinion (which we are all entitled to)…

Unfortunately, many people who come into the home business industry have a misconception of what it takes to build their business.

This could be due to several different reasons which I won’t get into here for length purposes…lol

Bottom line is, there are people who understand this misconception and they’ve taken advantage of the folk’s pain for their own gain.

It’s a shame but it happens and what people need to do…

Is understand that just because something sounds EASY & SIMPLE doesn’t mean it is…

NOR does it mean it will help them build their home business.

BUT more importantly…

People need to learn to THINK CRITICALLY, ask HARD QUESTIONS and get answers BEFORE joining anything and ask for DOCUMENTED PROOF like you mentioned.

And to take it step further… ask for references to speak to.

(I mean we have people ask us for references in regards to our business services all the time and we gladly give them names and numbers because we have nothing to hide.)

Because if they don’t… well, let’s just say the odds will be against them and more than likely, they will become another casualty of the home business industry.”

In closing, if you need help or have a question, feel free to contact me…

By inputting your information over there on the right and sending me an email.

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2 Responses to Are They Really Helping To Build Your Home Business?

  1. Chris Johnston says:

    Shelly, I enjoyed your thread on the Marketing Training IE Attraction Marketing
    affiliate marketing debate. One thing I noticed is that they make you think you need this out of fear….. so they are using peoples frustration and anxiety to get them to
    think that if you just get involved with my training…you will magically succeed. Of
    course we know there is no Magic.
    Another thing that is happening on the Internet that in my opinion is kind
    of flaky…. are these high ticket programs where the product is information. You can
    buy in at certain levels, usually 500 being the lowest level, then there are some mid
    levels and the highest level 15 grand or so. Anyway what you get for your money is
    information. Mainly marketing information etc. So what you have is a bunch of people running around selling information to each other. Really? And 99 percent
    of the people will never look at the information or use it ….just sell it to someone
    else who will never use it……just do it to make money, Does not seem like the most
    ethical thing to do. Just one mans opinion.
    P.S I have decided on a Network Marketing Company to get involved with.
    I will be utilizing Leaders Club Again

    • ShellyAllen says:

      You’ve hit several nails on the head Chris!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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