Simple Math Exposes Fraud

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I always LOVE when good friends of mine spill the beans and help good folks sniff out the stank.

The below article was written by my friend and a man who I’ve learned a lot from, Andre Vatke.


Are you impressed with people showing you checks, account snapshots or telling you how many people would pay them big bucks for advice?

If so, you’re in for a lot of network marketing disappointments.

Here’s why…

Gurus and the ‘get-rich-quick’ crowd love to use those things to distract their readers from something – usually something big and important. Like a hunter distracts his prey with a lure, they hope you don’t notice obvious holes in logic and contradictions.

Here’s a prime example I recently stumbled on…

A former student of mine claims that she charges $1,500 an hour for coaching but that she just doesn’t have the time to do very much of it. That didn’t seem right.

I pulled out a calculator and crunched a few numbers…

Here’s what I found:

Coaching just 8 hours a day would net her $12,000 a day. Doing that for just 5 days a week would net $60,000 a week or $270,000 a month. That’s more than she actually claims to make! Let’s be real, that’s not exactly a grueling schedule is it? So why not?

By itself this might just make you go “hmmm.” But the fact that she also claims to have thousands of people just waiting to shell out the cold cash for her advice should serve as a signal that the hunter is nearby.

Here’s a different angle…

There are people that talk about how stupid it is to contact your warm market or that only idiots buy leads. On the surface that might make sense to some – especially if you’ve called leads without much luck.

However, the solution may actually be a trap…

Generating your own leads sounds like it would make sense. In many ways it does. There is an element of truth that self-generated leads are better quality. But, it’s very misleading.

Generating your own leads has a much larger learning curve than even calling leads or prospecting your warm market. Over 90% who advertise or attempt to generate their own leads never generate over 5 requests! Most spend a lot of money or a lot of time only to end in the same place they started. And those that do generate requests learn real quickly that they aren’t all real prospects.

When you look below the surface you’ll see that what’s actually being taught is that you promote the guru’s product or service. Again, not a bad idea by itself – until you find everyone doing it, the same way, in the same place! That’s like starting a Chinese Restaurant in a strip mall filled only with Chinese Restaurants!

The real master key to success in network marketing is in learning how to communicate with prospects. You MUST understand what emotions and triggers come into play and when. Humans are not simple creatures – so it’s not a simple answer – but it’s not a difficult one either – provided you are able to learn and stay dedicated enough to get through the learning curve.

That’s not something most people will do. Yet that’s precisely what gives network-marketing value! If anyone could (and would) do it, what would it really be worth? About the same as flushing a toilet!

Network marketing companies will pay you for your ability to generate sales.  Not for videos you post to YouTube. Not for Tweets, blog posts, Squidoo Pages, Linkedin connections – nothing else except sales. So build your skills, become the leader and stop competing with the hordes of followers.

So do the math, use a little logic – you’ll save yourself some dough and be one step closer to true success.

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    Thanks for sharing this Shelly….great work!
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