Attraction Marketing: Is It The Answer To Success?

After being on both sides of the fence…

I came to the conclusion that a person needs to be very CLEAR on the answer to these questions before getting drawn into thinking “attraction marketing” will be the answer to success because the fact of the matter is, nothing is ever overnight.

So ask yourself…

Do I want to work with a TEAM and create a long term, solid residual income with a stable company that offers a viable product or service that folks really need and will help them?


Do I want to work as a LONE WOLF and constantly scramble to try and patch together short term, shaky, income streams with companies/programs over and over again because there is no proven track record as they are based on the latest fad and a persons struggle?

The reason I came to the conclusion of getting really CLEAR on those answers is because ultimately I came into this industry NOT ONLY to help myself and my family financially but to also help others do the same.

And after spending a few years of my time and working closely with one of today’s “perceived” attraction marketing experts, I realized that a YES answer to ONLY one of those questions could provide what I ultimately came here for and aligned with my values.

So here’s some food for thought if you’re trying to get clear on the subject…

The ONLY magic there is when it comes to “attraction marketing” is the days, weeks, months and even years you are willing to spend perfecting it.

Because the bottom line is…

In order to have success in anything, you have to be willing to spend the time it takes to MASTER your desired craft.

There are NO short cuts. PERIOD!

So in closing, the best advice I can give you is…

Really LISTEN to the words people use when speaking of their “perceived” success with “attraction marketing” because TRULY there is no magic.

There is ONLY good old fashioned elbow grease and lots of learning involved.

But that’s what they don’t like to reveal because if they did… it wouldn’t be as SEXY and it wouldn’t “attract” you. (I hope you just grabbed the GOLD I gave you.)

And click HERE if you want to learn more about what I had discovered well over a year ago about attraction marketing.  It’s quite revealing and it’s what many don’t want you to hear.

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3 Responses to Attraction Marketing: Is It The Answer To Success?

  1. Wenie Langacre says:

    Listening is very important aspect if you really wanted to learn and get the success that you ever wanted. If someone doesn’t know how to listen from people’s advice or experience, then you’re missing something.
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  2. Jon Barry says:

    Hi Shelly

    Thought I had replied to this post…… Anyhoo….

    I agree with what you say, even though I am not keen on the term, attraction marketing.

    It sounds like another trick to learn, done by all of those who are “Trying to fake sincerity”

    Really, bottom line, be nice, be helpful – people will like it, you, and may just buy from you or through you.

    I am on this guy’s list, and everyday he is pushing something…..

    And everyday on the bottom of the emails he is either linking to an interview, a training video, then either a free product, pdf, course, plugin – everyday!

    Now, how long until there is a new shiny thing I do want, and will follow his link?

    Nice to catch up again Shelly, must follow that link you linked to in the post!

    Posted By Jon Barry of
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    • ShellyAllen says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jon!

      And I like your bottom line—>”… be nice, be helpful – people will like it, you, and may just buy from you or through you.”

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