The Right Way To Build A Network Marketing Business

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6 Responses to The Right Way To Build A Network Marketing Business

  1. I believe you hit the nail on the head like you said. People need results not sexy. They can get sexy somewhere else.
    Kelly S Elliott recently posted..5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy

  2. Mark Walsh says:

    Hi Shelly,

    I clear explanation about the fundamentals of network marketing. Well done.

    I particularly liked your second point about becoming a leader and thinking for yourself; very good advice.

    Mark 🙂
    Mark Walsh recently posted..A True Online Marketing Community of Value

  3. Alice says:

    Simple, logical, common sense 🙂
    Explained nicely 🙂
    Alice recently posted..Is Your Ego Killing Your Business

  4. Thanks Shelly! I would just like to add…. “Common Sense IS SEXY” 🙂
    Donna Stewart recently posted..Are You On Autopilot?

  5. Thinking for yourself, logic and commonsense is the only way to go. Sexy comes later !! Thanks for sharing Shelly and great video.

  6. Theuns says:

    Hi Shelly

    I love your video and every thing you say I agree with ,
    How can you start to sell something that you don’t know.

    Know what you are going to sell and fall in love with it.

    You cold not point out it better THX

    MLM is common sense but people don’t use it
    most alot LOL 🙂

    Theuns recently posted..Your Mind and Your Mind Movie – The Bridge to success

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