Are You A System SLAVE?

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7 Responses to Are You A System SLAVE?

  1. Wow Wow I knew some of this but even more light bulbs just turned on. Can you say
    AHA MOMENT great video Shelly.
    Kelly S Elliott recently posted..Who’s a Prospect?

    • ShellyAllen says:

      YEP… I can say it… AHA MOMENT!

      I’ve had many of them over the last year…LOL

      Glad to pass on the info 🙂

  2. Joyce Penner says:

    Good job Shelly and totally accurate (as usual).
    Joyce Penner recently posted..Top 10 beliefs, action steps in network marketing

  3. Dave Hansford says:

    Exactly!!! I totally agree with your maing point and with your new coaching client.
    You have saved me so much time and money in the last two years!
    Congratulations Shelly on helping us understand the way things REALLY work in the internet marketing game. Dave Hansford

  4. Hi Shelly

    So true!

    Most people get so consumed by the training videos and task in MLM systems that they forget to actually do their primary business.

    Riaan Saaiman recently posted..Internet Network Marketing and Video

  5. I loved your information here and I’m happy for you new client! She (he) will get a ton of golden coaching from a Lady who knows her stuff!

    Have a great weekend!

    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..No Posts Were Found!

  6. Chad says:

    Hi Shelly,
    I have been caught in this paralysis. You mentioned that “the only thing thing wrong with [me] is that [I] have never had someone show me the right way” (paraphrased). I have learned a lot from your videos and I know this may elicit a lengthy answer, but what IS the “right way”?

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