Lead Calling With Shelly Allen

I’ve been a student of attraction marketing since 2008 and using it as a method of marketing in my bag of tricks but…

Lead calling is a staple in my business because in my opinion, it’s the easiest to duplicate and get into profit with fast.

And even though I was terrified of the phone, it’s how I built my first business back in 2002.

I recently did a live lead calling session for the public and was able to record it…(Part 1 & 2 below)

There’s no magic in lead calling and being terrified of the phone can be overcome… it just takes practice:)

Enjoy and if you want to learn about Phone Burner which makes lead calling pleasurable and fast… click HERE!

Part 1

Part 2

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!

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4 Responses to Lead Calling With Shelly Allen

  1. Laura Morris says:

    Hey Shelly!

    You know I am 100% on board with what we are BOTH doing! It’s imperative that people realize what you are teaching, and I love your message!

    The industry is OPEN to this message right now and has come FULL CIRCLE from Old School to New School to knocking Old School to COMING TOGETHER and doing it ALL!

    I love your POSTURE and the way you made your prospects comfortable on the calls. I have done LIVE prospecting like this for years, and it is a great way to show how simple it really is. Anyone can talk to people…PEOPLE are just PEOPLE like you and me…we all want the same things! A frickin break and a DREAM in this world!

    I love ya girl!
    Laura Morris recently posted..Is FEAR of Talking to Your Circle of Influence COSTING You Money?

    • ShellyAllen says:

      I agree… it’s come FULL CIRCLE my friend.

      And it’s the people like you and I who don’t have a fear of the phone who can REALLY help people who are struggling out here!

      Thanks for stopping by…


  2. Jon Barry says:

    Hi Shelly

    Interesting idea, and I don’t think I have seen a training on calling where calls were made (except for our live phone training – offline)

    May I ask a few questions to help clarify things? You did not seem to know where the leads had come from – is that because you do have several websites, as you are in several MLMs, and have no way of labeling where the leads come from?

    Or is this because this is a bought list, imported into phone burner, and they use generic websites, and/or they are not labelled so you do not know where the lead came from?

    Phone burner seems a little expensive, if you can’t label leads, so you know where they came from.

    It looks like an interesting piece of technology, and had no idea there was phone tech like that available to small biz /soho operations.

    I only caught the first video, out mobile, but your phone “script” seems interesting….. Ours is more a traditional – are you the right person? Yes, well, have this lot! Read out the script, Then ask shall we meet to show you more…..

    You seem to just say, it’s me…… And let them think of something to say….

    You then throw them a bone, let them know about filling in a website, then hit them with a killer line, with ……. Or have you given up on that?


    I guess you get a lot more no’s turned into, well, not no forever…. I am not setting my life in stone right now! Then we get. We are a bit more yes no NOW with our script (from upline – and not changed ever (well ten years) so following our system)

    One thing, on the first part you were seeming to find out who was still interested, or who was interested at all, then got them off phone burner of to normal phone systems.

    I will presume this is to Screen who on an imported list is genuinely interested, Get them off phone burner so you don’t waste minutes, and use normal landline That about right?

    Will have to check second part when home, but when you call them back, do you go into a more traditional script then?

    Also, if you are in several MLMs is that so you can find SOMETHING they would be interested in doing, which you may find harder with just one company?

    If yes, does that make it harder, splitting get time between them?

    I was told years ago it is much harder, and hard to keep pressure on so that one does take off….. So is that true, or a way to stop people looking at more than one biz? (in our company as soon as you hit the Gold level they “expect” you to have chosen one company, so as we are Golds being in two may be the end of the first anyway…… )

    So, thanks for the training, some food for thought in there, and will be interested to read your answers!


    Posted By Jon Barry of http://Jonbarry.co.uk

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Great questions Jon…

      The people I am talking to in the training are home business
      opportunity seekers. I purchased the leads at
      http://www.DecentLeads.com I know exactly geographically
      where they came from. And yes they are labeled within
      Phone Burner. My computer screen was blurred on purpose
      for the audience.

      I use the Leaders Club Consultative Approach in calling my
      leads. Rather than just go at them and try to “get” them
      or “qualify” them, I want to know more about them first
      and also if I can really help them. Not everyone is right for
      a home business. And before I waste their time or mine
      I first ask them a few questions. (No sense trying to stuff
      a square peg in a round hole)

      As far as the “several” MLM’s go, I have one primary company
      and then a company that compliments my primary by
      providing training and leads. Make sense?

      I’m not familiar with your company but for me, years ago in
      my first company they did not like/allow people to be in
      more than their company. I did not like that because as
      you grow in your experience, you figure out there’s more
      ways to make money. And there is nothing wrong with
      multiple income streams. Here’s a post I wrote some
      time ago that will clarify what I’m saying.


      Hope that helps and again great questions Jon!

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