Why I Didn’t Join A Numismatic Network Marketing Company

There is nothing wrong with building numismatic network marketing business as long as you understand…

That even though they are considered an asset, they’re a HIGH RISK INVESTMENT.

So if you’re looking to build a coin collection…

I say, heck yeah… go for it as long as you’re going into it with your eyes wide open.


If you’re looking to invest your money in assets and get the most bang for your buck…

Then you might consider going to your local coin dealer and either talking to them about investing into low risk “junk silver coins”

Or investing into medium risk Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and bullion.

And just in case you’re interested here is the article that prompted the nasty note:

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY…



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20 Responses to Why I Didn’t Join A Numismatic Network Marketing Company

  1. I’m not with any numismatic network marketing company, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I think it’s kind of funny that someone would take offense when you’re sharing information from another source. I’m not a coin collector nor do I think that building up a collection of them will save my family from economic doom. That’s how many are marketing their businesses. There’s nothing wrong with that…it’s just not my style. Thanks for sharing, Shelly.
    Freddy Rodriguez recently posted..3 Tips to Boost Your Facebook and Social Media Marketing

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Exactly Freddy…

      It’s not my style either.

      And unfortunately it’s marketing like that, that gives our industry a bad name.

      Oh well… I can’t save them all but I can surely provide valid information to educate those who are looking for the education:)

      Thanks for stopping by…

  2. Bruno Buergi says:

    Investing in coins is not really better than investing in any other asset. You will have in all investments ups and downs and most people sell them at the wrong time.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted..Don’t Let These Tips For Success In Affiliate Marketing Pass You By!

    • ShellyAllen says:

      I agree Bruno… investing in coins isn’t any better (or any worse for that matter) than any other asset.

      The problem is most aren’t willing to educate themselves in investing, they just rely on someone else to tell them.

      And as we know… you can’t put your TRUST in just anyone.

  3. Delmy says:

    Interesting post Shelly specially that brings out the warning signals for anybody considering numismatic networking. Like you mentioned it gives the wrong impression of the network business. There is so much to chose on the market to fit each person’s preferences. In any case being well informed is the key and still considering that like in any business there are risks involved. Thanks for taking the time to explain & help us be aware.
    Delmy recently posted..A Personal Mission Statement, So What?

  4. Great perspective on your part Shelly. I joined a numismatic network marketing company a little over 2 years ago and discovered that I had no passion about sharing that opportunity so I stopped promoting it. My son has the coins I received from the company and he likes them. Maybe in 40 years he can get something for them…not sure…
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..I Will Be On…WOW~ Women Offer Wisdom Radio Show 😉

  5. Enlightening to say the least. I’m not with any networking/mlm or other related types of businesses, but I am a veteran of 10 years in direct sales. When people ask me about home based businesses I always tell them to avoid the hype, do their homework and try to find some unbiased (ha!) reviews.
    marquita herald recently posted..Choose to Grow Stronger Through Life’s Occasional Detours

  6. Laura Morris says:

    Hey Shell…

    Great video as ALWAYS!

    You know, coin collecting and stamp collecting were passions of my grandpa’s, and if I could have gotten my hands on either of those collections, maybe a numismatic biz would have made sense. I want to thank you ONCE AGAIN for being a voice of clarity, reason, and truth.
    I kind of look at you like a restaurant critic. You go eat at the place, and you tell your readers and watchers how the food and service was. Now restaurateurs get pretty nervous when those reviews come out, but they know, that if they have a fabulous eatery with A+ service, delicious food, impeccable customer service etc. they will get a fab review, and floods of people coming to them as a result of the review. Right?
    Laura Morris recently posted..Play The Prosperity Game to Attract Limitless Abundance!

  7. Great message Shelly.

    When you said there are 3 sides to every story…it made me chuckle cause I believe there are 4.

    1) Your side.
    2) The other person’s side.
    3) What other people ‘think’ is going on (based on what they are being told).
    4) The Truth.

    I also love what you said about whatever a person decides to do, they should always go in with their eyes WIDE open…:)

    Amen Sista!
    Donna Stewart recently posted..The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  8. Dave Hansford says:

    Shelly: You were more than fair in your comments. Unless people are experts on numismatic coins, they are a very risky “investment”. Even collectors get cheated
    from my experience.
    Great advice about junk silver and gold bullion … – and working with a local dealer – great video – the numismatic – networking deals are just another risky way that will probably crush the hopes and dreams of many
    as they sell their “assets”. Thanks for all your work. Dave

  9. Jean says:

    I really enjoyed your take on this. It’s rather sad that someone would complain about you voicing your opionion. Last I checked the 1st Amendment has been repealed! If someone was thinking about investing, this is valuable information, and you may have helped someone from making a very bad investment.

    Gratitude Coach
    Jean recently posted..Finally Got It… Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

  10. Alice says:

    I joined a coin network-marketing company a little over a
    year ago.
    What I found was I had no passion for the coins, they
    are beautiful, but to be able to move a product you have
    to have passion…and it just wasn’t there!

    Your review may help someone stop and REALLY look at
    the coin business, so they make a good choice for themselves,
    nothing wrong with that!

    Alice recently posted..You Can Concentrate, But Will You?

  11. Well Shelly, I’ve been thinking many of the same things even though I had no specific knowledge about coin collecting. I believe sharing the article from another source is an excellent public service message. People who belong to a company representing numismatic coins are more than entitled to make these coins their business. And we on the other hand, are more than entitled not to make it our business. Yes, your message does appear sour, especially to those benefiting from the trend, but not to those of us who understand or are considering the option for ourselves. Thanks for standing up to the negative peer pressure, but remember and I know you do, consider the source.
    Michele Anderson recently posted..Comment on The Company Easter Egg Hunt… by Phil Lion

  12. Suzanne says:

    This was an eye-opening blog for me to listen in to because I had no idea what Numismatic network marketing was in the first place. Thanks for schooling me!
    Suzanne recently posted..Coaching

  13. I had never heard of this term before – so another learn for the day! I have often wondered about coins and whether they are a good investment. Certainly do not light my fire anyway – unless I can spend them!
    Kim Stanbrook recently posted..Keep Fit For Network Marketing!

  14. Lidia says:

    Sour like vinegar eh??
    It’s always interesting how people want to “HELP” you by criticizing your opinions. I say these are the people who are trying to keep you back because of their fears that you will move forward before they do.
    How’s that for Down and Dirty…lol
    Lidia recently posted..Take The Home Business Questionnaire

  15. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hey Shelly,

    I’m very familiar with silver programs. That’s what got me started on the economy issues I discuss on Eternal Affairs Media. Don’t give into numismatic BS. Its just that. What matters is the spot value of gold & silver. Collector’s value won’t matter after the end of2o13. SHTF = Sh*t hits the fan, there will be civil unrest, etc.
    God bless,
    Curt Bizelli recently posted..Curt Bizelli, Manifest Your Dreams Listed on Evan Carmichael’s Website, As Seen on The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Mashable

  16. You always make me chortle, Cheeky Butt. 🙂

    I’m going to make a total ass-et of myself now and fess up to being a complete asset-nerd. I actually love numismatic coins (for anyone confused by the term, it’s basically coins that are collectible and judged on their shininess and rarity rather than just their melt value) but I love lots of other collectibles too. I’m not some weirdo who collects sweet wrappers from throughout the ages or something, but things like antiques and rare books float my boat.

    I’m not with any network marketing company at the mo’ – although I was with a numismatic one in the past. My take on it is that whomever spoke to you like that needs to sit in the corner for a while and think about what they did. On whether assets are wise or not … I’ve actually done well with them. For the most part, if you hang on to something rare for long enough, it tends to go up in value. Most of the assets I’ve bought since I was a teenager have quadrupled at least. Might just be that I’m good at picking stuff that will go up. Don’t know. I’m not saying that’s typical, but it’s worked for me.

    The problem arises when people put out marketing messages that appear to confuse the idea of collecting shiny things that are rare because of the limited mintage, with collecting meltable things with the intention of … melting them, or selling them for that purpose. It’s like assuming a Ming vase is valuable because of the porcelain from which it’s made. It’s not. It’s the history and the cultural significance, and the story of the piece, combined with the rarity. Similarly, a numismatic coin has the same melt value as a scruffy old coin made of the same metal. Its value comes from its condition and collectibility.

    Mike ‘Build yourself a food-lined bunker and pray’ Dillard can’t really talk about fear-mongering though, can he? Seriously? 🙂 Personally, I’m finding the whole fear thing a bit annoying now. Not as annoying as trolls though. Sorry you had to go through that.
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..Swanwick ePublishing Panel, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Why I Love Honey

  17. Wes Hazlitt says:

    Great advice Shelly – Eyes wide Open is the best way to approach
    any business opportunity

    And what could be better than a Canadian Maple Leaf?


    • ShellyAllen says:

      Wes Hazlitt! How the heck are you???

      About the only thing I can think of that would be better than a Canadian Maple Leaf would be and American Silver Eagle 😉

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