How To DELETE Facebook Friends Fast!

1.  Add extension “Greasemonkey” to Firefox.

2.  Add Userscript “FacebookDeletes” to Greasemonkey

3.  Read “How To” on Userscript page carefully

4.  Go to your Facebook friends and run script.

5.  Understand the box CHECKED next to your friend means they are SAFE and will not be deleted.

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5 Responses to How To DELETE Facebook Friends Fast!

  1. Alice says:

    I have been using this add on to clean up my friends list…love it!

    Once FB added friends to my list and put me way over the 5000
    limit, I had to clean it up.

    Alice recently posted..You Can Concentrate, But Will You?

  2. Shelly, that’s a great post.
    But a question arises: what is the situation where you could want to delete most friends in the first place?

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Great question Vincent.

      Two things…

      1. When I first started to use Facebook 3 years ago… I was advised by a “network marketing” coach to add and accept as many “friends” as I could because it gave a certain appearance. (very bad advice)

      2. About 3 months ago Facebook added about 600+ people to my “friends” pushing me way over the 5,000 limit and I could not add people that I wanted to.

  3. Bruno Buergi says:

    It’s not something I need to do at the moment. I think when you have a lot of FB friends then it will be helpful when you have a tool and you want to clean out your account.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted..Don’t Let These Tips For Success In Affiliate Marketing Pass You By!

  4. thanks for that tool Shelly – it will come in useful in the future for sure 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted..Are You A Networking Superstar?

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