An Original Ann Sieg Interview

Everybody starts somewhere and it’s a good thing I’m such a good GOLD DIGGER!

And NO… I’m not talking about the kinda Gold Digger that Kanye West is referring to in his song

I’m a GOLD DIGGER because I am always looking for information that will help my fellow network marketers, like you!

If you’ve been on the Internet and in network marketing there is a very good chance that you’ve heard of Ann Sieg, The Renegade Network Marketer.

Well… like I said… everybody starts somewhere.

And I know exactly where Ann Sieg got started along with the the original interview to prove it.

Now I’ve known about this for quite some time because it’s archived along with over 600+ hours of training audios in my Members Only back office so I wasn’t at liberty to share it with you.

Well shit howdy!


Since I’m such a good GOLD DIGGER, as I was digging around this weekend I uncovered the public page which makes that original interview available to anyone. (snickering with hand over my mouth)

Now I’m not going to tell you what to do but I am going to tell you I’ve listened to the interview several times over because it is just so FILLED with GOLD NUGGETS.


Not to mention, it just goes to show what a little hard work and the desire to succeed mixed with the right kind of coaching can do for your network marketing career!

I mean seriously, WHY do you think I get my insider secrets the same place Ann Sieg did?

Anyway, if you want to hear interview and learn WHAT made her say things like:

“I have great respect for the teachings of Leaders Club for that of myself it’s given me a greater confidence as a professional out in the industry.”


“That is the beauty of Leaders Club. What we teach are market tested strategies that work.  It’s not the idea of the week club but rather proven field tested strategies that allows you to, “Build Your Business by Design Rather Than Chance!”  So get into training and then consistent action. Here is the Leaders Club formula for success: Optimistic Attitude (Effort /Time + Discipline + Long Term Vision ) = SUCCESS”

Then click HERE now and enjoy with out optin.

And if you’re curious to see some of the other big names who have been coached by Leaders Club, click HERE, scroll down a bit and take a peek at the chart.  Pretty sure you might just recognize a few.

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY…






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10 Responses to An Original Ann Sieg Interview

  1. Alice says:

    I feel like a pirate that has finally found the
    treasure chest!!!


    p.s. and we are giving the map away 🙂
    Alice recently posted..11 Qualities Of A Great Leader

  2. Great interview clip and good to see the names and of course yours on the list! so helpful to hear other peoples stories on how they got through the tough days when it would be so easy to give up and kept focused to make it through to success. Finding the right place to learn the tips and real life experiences are worth their weight in gold!
    Kim Stanbrook recently posted..What is Your Network Marketing Vision?

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Right below the “clip” is the full one hour interview that you can listen to.

      Serious GOLD in there.

  3. Ken Kinstle says:

    Wow Shelly, very interesting.. I have followed Ann Sieg for quite some time aand enjoy her wisdom as well as yours.. Thanks for the great post 🙂
    Ken Kinstle recently posted..Network Marketing is Not a Spectator Sport! Real Success is All about Taking Action

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Thanks Ken 🙂

      I was very excited to have found this public page with the full one hour Ann Sieg interview because most people didn’t know “Ann Sieg” before she was the “Ann Sieg” we all know today.

      And I love how in the interview it shows exactly where she came from because so many times people watching from the outside think that many people have instant success when in fact it took lots of work and many times years before it “happened” for them.

      This interview definitely keeps it REAL 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by…

  4. Loving the “Gold Digger” in you, Shelly. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that with us. Ann Sieg is a great example of what can be accomplished with the right mindset and training.
    Freddy Rodriguez recently posted..How to Get 540 Targeted MLM Leads Every Month at NO COST

  5. Hi Gold Digger!
    This is a great interview encouraging all of us to learn knowing we can achieve great results!
    Sometimes for a beginner it is easy to drop out of the game of social networking, this is a great example showing us that anyone can succeed using the right mindset;)
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..How to use Creative Visualization: Mistake #3

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Yes it is…

      My hope is that the “beginners” take the time to listen because it is such a GREAT EXAMPLE:)

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