Zeek Rewards Tragedy

In the aftermath of the Zeek Rewards tragedy, I just wanted to give a few encouraging words to the “affiliates” who were involved in this unfortunate event…

And also say a few words to the veteran vultures flying around the roadkill in hopes of scraping some up… YOU folks need to get a life.

I wish you “affiliates” nothing but the best and a very fast recovery!

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!

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15 Responses to Zeek Rewards Tragedy

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Shelly,
    Me too have been passing my well wishes to the affiliates and wishing them strength and hope during this challenging period.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Facebook Advertising : How To Get Your Advert Approved

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Excellent and that’s all we should be doing because anything else is just as bad as what happened to them in the first place!

  2. Hi Shelly, Great message..wow! I felt SO bad for all the great, hard working people that lost time, hope and money in this deal. You give great advice in the sense that people need to pick themselves back up and not quit…and they need support as you said not finger pointing and “told u so”… Thanks Shelly 😉
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..How do you go about promoting and marketing your passion?

  3. Adam Payne says:

    Hi Shelly,

    Well said. It seems like certain people seemed almost happy that these poor folk had lost out as it gave them fresh meat to prey on.

    Shame on them and I agree with you that Zeek folk need sympathy and encouragement.

    Our industry has unfairly had a lot of bad press and these vultures preying on vulnerable Zeek folk are not doing it any favors.
    Adam Payne recently posted..Success is NOT a Lottery- It is HARD WORK!

  4. Hi Shelly,
    this is the 1st time I hear about this, I guess it is because I am out of this marketing “news”, I’m so much into my coaching world that so much passes under my nose without me noticing;))

    Thanks for warning us about what is valid and what is not.
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..Business Women : Learn the # 2 Mistake Why Visualization Fails? (part 2)

  5. Kim Dalferes says:

    Hi Shelly. Like Patricia, I had not heard about this scandal previously, thanks very much for the heads up/warning. My heart goes out to everyone who lost time, money, and most of all faith.

  6. Such a tricky time when a business going under – I certainly hope the guys involved as affiliates can now find their way forward and get some support across their network.
    Kim Stanbrook recently posted..Keeping in Touch Marketing Tips for Network Marketers

  7. So true Shelly. I have many friends that lost money. They did have lots of compliance and rules. I wish all the best!
    Beverly Monical recently posted..How To Have a No-Lose Mindset

  8. Hey Shelly,

    Loved your video.

    I too sympathize and feel so bad for the people who have worked so hard and now are left to deal with the “vultures” as many mentioned above.

    I pray that these affiliates find the strength to continue with their dreams and to make wise decisions in the aftermath of this terrible ordeal.

    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..Negative Mental Attitude Versus Positive Mental Attitude…

  9. Laura Morris says:

    Hi My Friend!

    Everything you say here is RIGHT ON. I feel a VENT coming on however..

    I personally was ashamed of some of my Network Marketing colleagues the night that it all “came down”, and the word was out on the street that Zeek was in trouble. I found it so sad to see leaders who I USED TO have tremendous respect for, sending out emails, posting things on facebook, and making videos, saying to the effect that “They knew all along this would happen, and if their people would have JUST LISTENED TO THEM they would not have gotten hurt!!!” How EGOTISTICAL can you get!! One forwarded email we got from a prominent leader in another company said ”
    Dear leaders and friends……
    “I told you so…… spread the news…” Did he really just say that?

    Troy Dooly made a fantastic video THAT NIGHT slapping their hands…but do you think they listened???NO!

    The vultures you speak of did not see how transparent and off-putting they were being, and I doubt very much that they captured anyone, and probably repelled many!

    Words like Intervention, Rescue, Salvage, and others were being used and to me it said more about the marketer’s insensitivity and character than anything.

    What HAS impressed me are the leaders who have been supportive, and lending an understanding ear. The emotions are all over the place with this tragic situation, and you are so right, we have to be kind, and treat each others with respect.

    Remember The Golden Rule???

    I don’t think it’s cool to add former Zeeksters to money making facebook groups right now either, or arbitrarily assume they are looking for something else, because I have chatted with a many of them and they are wounded and leary right now, and SOME may want to “cool it”. Who can blame them for God sake!! There’s NOTHING wrong with that! Give them space just like Shelly says…

    Others may be looking for something, but it’s up to them to shop around and be attracted to you. If you have been doing your job all this time….they already love you and want to check you out and what you are doing right? Build relationships like you always have with KINDNESS and LOVE . That’s what I am finding this past week anyway.

    Thanks Shelly for saying it all

    You are awesome Lady and I love ya!!

    Laura Morris recently posted..Enthusiasm Flips the Switch!

  10. Lidia says:

    Wow, first time I hear of it, and all I could think of is: Another one!!!??? what a shame and how sad. I hope those who were involved in the business have the strength to stand up and move on!!
    Life is more than this moment….this time, and if we look at life in lessons learned then let this one be one of them.
    Lidia recently posted..Take The Home Business Questionnaire

  11. Jean says:

    Wow, how sad, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Can’t help but put myself in their shoes, how horrible I would feel for the people I got involved. My thought and prayers go out to all of those who have been hurt by this.

    Jean recently posted..Social Media Waits for No One!

  12. Bruno Buergi says:

    Tragedies happen every day on this planet. In the business world you are never absolutely safe. The best way is to build multiple source of income so when one income falls away you will have others that saves your income.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Tips That Can Really Help You

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