Make It Happen Or Make An Excuse… The Choice Is Yours!

Ya know… MOST of the time I am pretty mild mannered… lol (yeah right)

I don’t usually kick people in the pants about what they are doing or should I say… what they are not doing.

And I’m not really going to kick anyone today but I feel like if I don’t say anything, I would be doing you a DISSERVICE by not telling you the TRUTH!

I gotta warn you… this may STING a bit!

So here’s the deal…

Over the last six weeks or so, me and my family have been packing up our house here in California because we are moving to Arizona next weekend.

And I have been busier than a one legged woman in an ass kicking contest.

And you might be thinking, what is your point here Shelly?

Well my point is this…

Last month I hit TOP SPONSOR in one of my companies and didn’t even realize it until I got my commission check because I have been so busy.

This month, I hit the TOP RANK of the PAY PLAN in my other company!  And I even enrolled a few people into the marketing tool I use!

Imagine that… a Mom of 3, manager of our small business and packing to move to another state, has actually kept her own home based businesses afloat and growing.

Hmmm… how does that happen?

Well I will tell you HOW it happens…

It’s called a CHOICE!

You see, I deal with people everyday who choose to make EXCUSES instead of choosing to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So my message is this…

If you’ve been thinking about STARTING a HOME BASED BUSINESS…but haven’t found the time, energy or money…

Well… reality is… if you WANT IT bad enough… YOU can choose to make it happen!

And if you’re a home based business owner and your business isn’t where you want it to be because maybe you’ve been “bogged down” at you day JOB, you just can’t find time in your life or some other “thing” is holding you back…

Well… reality is… if you WANT IT bad enough… YOU can choose to make it happen!

Even though this may sound HARSH… I am telling you this out of LOVE because I know what has and is happening for me just by virtue of my CHOICES!

And I want you to experience the same thing I AM…

Freedom to call your own shots, freedom to live where you want, freedom to take a vacation when you want to or freedom to do whatever it is YOU want!

Choose today to MAKE IT HAPPEN instead of an excuse as to why it’s not…

And watch how that simple choice can change the course of your future!

If you need help in any way, shape or form… drop me an email or give me a call, I’d be happy to help you!

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!






PS – I choose to write this blog post for YOU after a full week of getting ready for and having a garage sale today. 

It would have been very easy for me to use the TIRED EXCUSE but I decided to MAKE IT HAPPEN INSTEAD!


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