Is There Such A Thing As A FAKE GURU?

Well over three weeks ago, I did a call with Master Marketers, Andre Vatke and Steve Sakal, and the topic was… How To Spot A Fake Guru.

If this wasn’t happening to me, I don’t think I would believe it but the responses STILL keep pouring in!  And I would say, 99% ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  And then of course, you know there’s that 1% of the angry people! (lol)

So today, I’m going to address the angry 1% who’ve said things like… “there is no such thing as a FAKE GURU because the people decide who the ‘guru’ is”.

Now of course I could go into more things the angry 1% have said and I may cover one or two…but really it’s pretty futile because one thing a very wise dude said to me was…

“when you stand strong and start showing the truth… the angry 1% will rear their ugly head and try and take the SPOTLIGHT off of themselves by discrediting you”

So the fact of the matter is… my perception is my perception… and the angry 1% have their own.

Thing is… the TRUTH will always sets you free.

So let’s get down to business and talk about… Is There Such A Thing As A Fake Guru?

Well, I say there is and here’s why…

A FAKE GURU can present themselves as a trusted mentor but in reality simply be a salesperson in disguise or even worse…a person that is so DELUSIONAL they can no longer decipher between reality and fantasy.

My case and point…

Have you ever heard of James Arthur Ray?

He went from Coach, to Guru, to International brand.  He was on Oprah and even did a cameo on “The Secret”.  He was also found responsible for three deaths and the hospitalization of 18 others.

I’m not going to get into his whole story, just GOOGLE… Sweat Lodge Guru.

Now, in terms of what the angry 1% say, he was a “GURU” because the people decide who the Guru is… does that make James Arthur Ray legitimate or fake?

I’d say in my simple language, that makes him a FAKE.  But in my BIG GIRL language, I could have said he was DECEPTIVE or FRAUDULENT.

The fact of the matter is…He did what he did and now he’s behind bars.

Now believe it or not…

I’ve also heard the angry 1% make innuendos that the people who EXPOSE the FAKE GURU are nothing more than weak victims.

Again everyone has their perceptions and I don’t know, what do you think?

Are you a weak victim to call some one out on their bullshit?

I think it takes COURAGE especially when there are still brainwashed followers involved.

Are you a weak victim because you’re tired of being EXPLOITED?

I think that means you’ve had enough and what you’re tired of the empty promises.

Are you a weak victim to voice your concern PUBLICLY in hopes of helping other people avoid future harm?  

I think it means you don’t have the herd mentality, you can think independently but more importantly you care about the well being of others.

Bottom line is… like I said… we all have our perceptions.

And in the book of Shelly Allen…

GURUS become FAKE when their personal agenda supercedes truly helping people solve their problems.

And just because people have followers, it doesn’t mean their advice is necessarily sound.

It can simply mean they are really good at ‘selling’ their idea or…

They are really good at influencing you with psychology to feed their own narcissism.

But don’t take my word for it… Quiet yourself and feel your intuition… it will never let you down.

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!





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4 Responses to Is There Such A Thing As A FAKE GURU?

  1. I admire you so much for bringing this information to us. I think that often we tend to lightly brush off our emotion because we don’t want to “stir up” stuff…Well that how I feel sometimes and it’s part of my personality…I am a peace keeper and I always try to make everything OK… But I do feel it’s awesome that you have it in you to shake things up and expose what’s often ignored by most. I love to be able to surround myself with people like you because of course we all have unique perceptions about these important topics and it’s refreshing to hear it in your videos. I’ll share 😉

    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..On Our Way To Celebrating And Edifying Women

  2. Carol Thompson says:

    You have a really good point there. I also agree with you that there really is such thing as a fake guru. How do you actually know if he or she is a fake one? Thank you very much for sharing your opinions on this issue.
    Carol Thompson recently

  3. Well Shelly, when you say something is fake – you are coming from your own values, and any genuine, authentic leader, who believes in providing value to help others will definitely believe in the fake Guru.
    It is terrible that people get taken in by these Cheaters, and only some compensation when they get exposed and I say that’s a good thing, why wouldn’t an honest person help by speaking out (well done!) – however, time spent dwelling on such things should be kept within it’s boundries.
    Great food for thought 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted..So, How Does Network Marketing on the Internet Work?

  4. Joyce Penner says:

    Shelly. I admire your stance – right or wrong – you stand firm. (p.s. I’ve never seen you wrong yet).

    YES, we should, we must educate the unknowing, we must be able to point out the flaws and the positives so others can make an informed decision. No matter the finger pointing, negative screaming masses who delight in telling us “We’re just jealous”.

    Joyce Penner recently posted..Does your MLM leader manipulate YOU?

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