WOMAN Energy vs. Mother Energy

If you’re reading this and your a guy (TIGER)…

PLEASE feel free to share this with your WIFE, GIRLFRIEND, SISTER or any other WOMAN YOU love… She will benefit HUGELY from this!  *Plus there’s something in this for YOU too, so keep reading TIGER!

I’m sure you’ve heard the term…FEMININE Energy.

But do you understand what it REALLY IS, HOW it REALLY WORKS and HOW to ACCESS IT?

I didn’t but lately have been grasping it and… “WHOA, LOOK OUT!”

I’m thinking YOU may want to know more about it… WHOA, LOOK OUT!

Well, Crystal Andrus, founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute and some one who I’ve been
studying with for the last couple of months, is facilitating a FREE call just in time for
Mother’s Day!!!

And I want to invite you to it on Monday, May 14th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT

WOMAN Energy vs. MOTHER Energy!

Crystal Andrus says, “Authentic feminine energy is not only sexy and strong, it is the true
power behind the greatest expressions of ourselves as women. I call it WOMAN energy; it is very different than MOTHER energy. It is receiving versus giving. When we learn how to step fully into our WOMAN energy, we can become unstoppable at anything we desire!”

This call is FREE but you have to register.

So click HERE to and get that done!

During this SCRUMPTIOUS. DELICIOUS. TASTY. 90-minute free teleseminar, you will learn:

  • The difference between WOMAN energy (receiving) with MOTHER energy (giving)!
  • How to access your WOMAN energy!
  • How to use your God-given WOMAN energy to create your greatest life—career, health, wealth, and love life—ever!
  • How to recognize when you are stepping too much into your MOTHER energy (it can sabotage your career, marriage, friendships, even parenting)!
  • What a woman really wants (and what a man really needs)!
  • How to use your WOMAN energy to either rev-up your current love or to attract new, healthy, passionate love into your life!
  • *How to encourage your man to reclaim his own authentic masculine energy (which will only make you DIG him more! Feel free to invite your man to listen in)!
  • Plus, 3 lucky women who are on the call LIVE will WIN Crystal’s never-before-offered“SPRING” 12-Week Total Transformation Tele-Course (that begins May 16th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET)!

This is one call you will want to invite all your female friends to join!

Seriously, NO WOMAN will want to miss it!

And the BEST part is…

If you can’t make the call live, sign up anyway because the REPLAY will be forwarded to

So what are you waiting for?  Click HERE to register today and I will hear you on the CALL!


Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE + FUN & DOWN + DIRTY!

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6 Responses to WOMAN Energy vs. Mother Energy

  1. I have been too long in my mother energy, have been stepping into my woman energy lately. Feels good!
    Louise Edington
    The Networking Naturopath
    Networking For The Shy

  2. This sounds really interesting, Shelly. I remember hearing her name via Hay House. I might have to sign up. Thanks for the tip.
    Nicole Rushin recently posted..To the Path of Venus

  3. Patricia says:

    I will definitely share this with my wife. I am afraid I will feel intimidated though when she learns it. Accomplishing her dreams and goals is my happiness.
    Patricia recently posted..DTS Home

  4. Sally says:

    I write this today in sincere hope of protecting women from being hurt. I have been a part of the Swat Institute unfortunately in my experience and I understand the experience of other women I have heard from, that Crystal does not live what she claims to be. My dealings with Swat have proven this to be true and less than honourable on their part.I have no desire to upset anyone with this but feel the need to share my experience and the dishonesty from Swat and Crystal Andrus. I was hoping for a different outcome but when I approached Swat about the lies I had been told and my concerns they avoided answering the real questions I had. I sincerely don’t want to upset anyone as I have no grievances to bear because I trust and believe in Universal Laws and nothing in the Universe goes unrewarded (Not good or bad) and what you sow you indeed reap but I have worried for others becoming associated with Swat and it is often women who are in desperate need of help. When all this happened to me I asked for guidance as I have today about writing this but don’t feel right in remaining silent. I wish no ill to Swat or Crystal but hope that somewhere they will live the truth of who they claim to be as I have truly struggled to understand why they would behave so badly when they represent wonderful inspiring women in the Swat course. My prayer is that as you read this that you can find your own truth and that you understand this is not about vindication but in the hopes of this not happening to others. Sincerely S.

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