The Difference Between Network & Affiliate Marketing

Last week, I was interviewed by Andre Vatke and Steve Sakal on the Leaders Club live, weekly coaching call.

The topic was… How To Spot A Fake Guru

Right after the call was over, it dawned on me that, if you’re a networker marketer and your goal is to build a long term network marketing business…


Did I mention REALLY?

You REALLY need to have a very good understanding of the differences between NETWORK marketing and AFFILIATE marketing.

ESPECIALLY if you are anything like me.  Because at one point in my career, I needed some serious help with growing my network marketing business and lo and behold…

I got mixed up with a (dishonest) list building/lead generation guru out here disguising what they are doing as a way to help you if you’re having trouble in your network marketing business.

And for the record… it was no fun!  I lost a lot of money and a lot of time.

Call me slow, call me trusting, call me whatever… Just don’t call me late for dinner.  KIDDING… I was seeing if you were really paying attention here!

Let me make this as short as possible…

Network Marketing is about building relationships with people and helping them achieve their desired goals.

Affiliate Marketing is about building a list of people, advertising to those people and then waiting for a response (sale) from those people.

For the most part you will use advertising and wait for a response in your Network Marketing business BUT…

And this is a BIG BUT…

Network Marketing is DUPLICATABLE for the masses (of course with basic, core skills) and will help you create a business that is PROFITABLE long term.

Affiliate Marketing, unless you’re TRULY SKILLED and have spent a number of years perfecting your CRAFT, can leave you up a creek without a paddle promoting other peoples shit and totally frustrated.

So in the end, this is where many of the (dishonest) list building/lead generation gurus miss the mark.

They don’t provide you with the BLUEPRINT you need to duplicate your efforts in your network marketing business (Because quite frankly, they don’t want to.  They like to keep you confused that way you keep forking over more MOOLAH to try and make sense of something that can’t possibly make sense!).

They simply sugar coat words, sell you product after product implying it will help you build your business which keeps you in constant “busy” mode and worst of all, it will leave you feeling more frustrated than before.

Hope this helps you in understanding the difference between Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask…

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!







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17 Responses to The Difference Between Network & Affiliate Marketing

  1. Both affiliate and network marketing have their bad guys indeed! I have been a network marketer but am not currently. Though I do use a couple of products currently that I may start selling for a little residual income. However, I am an affiliate marketer to a degree. I am an affiliate for products that I LOVE and I am an affiliate for a couple of programs that i am in and also use. because I am very picky about what I am an affiliate for I am becoming very successful doing it. If done well, both models can be good and lucrative.
    Louise Edington
    Networking For The Shy

    • ShellyAllen says:

      I would definitely agree with that…

      “If done well, both models can be good and lucrative.”

    • I am sorry for the experience you had. I feel the same way as Louise, there are honest and dishonest people in every field. I like a combination of different sources of income. I do have my own affiliate program for those who would like to earn income promoting a quality product and I am an affiliate for a few products that I really believe in. I think if you stay honest to your beliefs and values then that’s what matters.
      Tonya Sheridan recently posted..8 Reasons Why Your Life Will Never Improve

      • ShellyAllen says:

        No big deal Tonya… I used it as a learning experience and also as an opportunity to be able to teach others the differences.

        I have nothing against affiliate products as I use a couple myself.

        And yes, “if you stay honest to your beliefs and values that’s what matters”.

  2. Great post Shelly. I think all of the people who recently discovered the power of the internet have lurched themselves in a search of someone to help them understand the complex world of online marketing.

    It hard to come to grip with the fact that their will be a learning curve and you will have to put in lot’s of hours to educate yourself.

    People look for shortcuts…I know I did….to the point where looking for shortcuts actually made me waste more time. It’s a silly thing but the more simple approach work best. UNDERSTANDING YOUR LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE FIRST!

    It does not matter that you are a newbie or intermediate on the computer…the approach is the same online and offline. Set your business hours, set time aside to continue to learn and set time aside for YOU and your family.

    Learn gradually and be aware of the people you fallow. ASK yourself questions about the leaders you are fallowing. Meet them in person and do you homework and research who the heck they are.

    Google them! focus on a group of individuals who do well and see who they fallow. Get information that is straight forward and that you can apply!
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Is feeling sick what it takes to get lean?

    • ShellyAllen says:

      The evil shortcuts…lol

      I’m right there with you sister.

      Not only should you meet them in person, do your homework and research who the heck they are BUT a lesson I learned or should I say was reminded of…

      LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCT… it never lies to you:)

  3. Sharon says:

    There are surely good and bad guys in all industries. Great advice to keep your eyes and ears open and ask lots of questions. If your not sure of what questions to ask, look for someone like Shelly to help! 🙂
    Sharon recently posted..Hate Men

    • ShellyAllen says:

      So true Sharon…

      There are good and bad guys in all industries.

      And it’s the good guys that need to use their voice to stand up for what is right!

      Thanks for stopping by… I appreciate it:)

  4. Great post.Network Marketing is an amazing business and most companies have great training and duplication to follow.Affiliate Marketing can be quite lucrative IF you have a good size list that trusts you.
    It does go back to trust and having the passion for your company too. Thanks for sharing.
    A video from you with this post would have been good too. 🙂
    Beverly Monical recently posted..Tips on Getting 100% Free Leads

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Oh Beverly… I love my videos but sometimes… It’s just faster to write a post especially when it strikes:)

      TRUST is a HUGE factor whether it be Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

      Thanks for stopping by girl!!!

  5. Aloha Shelly!

    Gosh, I love your boldness and courage. 🙂 And I am so happy to see an article which distinguishes network marketing and affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing your insight on the differences.

    I am an “old school” network marketer and in 1995, there was no internet. I agree with you that it’s about relationships and helping others become successful… and it is long-term, like getting married and deciding to have children. It’s a family, therefore, it’s about the “unit”, and it full of “love”.

    In my humble opinion, I see affiliate marketing like “dating”. You try it and if you like it, you can live together for a while. From what I see, I do believe you must be really smart, and be willing to always be on the “leading edge”. With network marketing, it’s all about the team, the family, and someone always has the skills that I may not have.

    I believe it all depends on what each person is looking for and what they value in their “core”. The key is that everyone follow their “heart” and do what they feel is right for them.

    Much love & aloha,
    Kellie 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..Your Subconscious Mind Is Controlling You – An Exercise To Help

    • ShellyAllen says:

      I like your analogy of affiliate marketing:)

      And yes, I feel the same way too, one must be on the “leading edge”.

      Personally, I like the “team” atmosphere but one must “follow their heart and do what they feel is right for them.”

      Thanks for stopping by Kellie!

  6. Hey Shelly,

    Good post to point out the differences. Unfortunately, it seems there are “too” many we have had to say, I’m sorry that happened to you (I’m included in that group too). But it is another in a long line of learning experiences.

    My lack of success in the beginning was lack of funds, so therefore I could not honestly promote a product unless I had worked with it, tried it or used it. Made for a terrible conflict in my self confidence and motivation but once you can get to the point that you can honestly say “I endorse this product or this program and it DOES work” there is a rapid shift in things.

    Also, don’t sacrifice or stray from your beliefs just to make a sale. It will haunt you and eventually it will be like a house of cards coming down.

    Thanks again for a great post,
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..Internet Marketing With Smart Goals

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Boy isn’t that the TRUTH Monna… “don’t sacrifice or stray from your beliefs just to make a sale. It will haunt you and eventually it will be like a house of cards coming down”.

      And yep, just another in a long line of learning experiences:)

      It’s all good!

  7. Alice says:

    “can leave you up a creek without a paddle promoting other peoples shit and totally frustrated.”

    I love your style girl!!

    Alice recently posted..Truth Time…Can You Handle It?

  8. Alice Chen says:

    Great article. I learned so much from this article. Thanks for the information.
    Alice Chen recently posted..How to Do Online MLM Lead Generation With Your Blog

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