How NOT To Market Your Business On Facebook

I’m always OPEN to listening to what folks have to say because I’ve learned not to ASSume.

So I get this message in my Facebook inbox from this person (as you will read below).

I’m always amazed at HOW some people use social media.

Let me give you a little TIP…

If you wouldn’t say it straight to a persons face that you have just recently met…


Act in a way that you wouldn’t normally act in front of people…

Then don’t do it on Facebook or any other social media site for that matter.

Not only will it make you look like a JACK-HOLE and SCREAM beginner (see below)…

Don’t let anyone FOOL you and take advantage of you by telling you that this is OKAY or that this type of marketing works.

Because it’s not and it doesn’t!

Seriously… “If you know how to use Facebook and hit share, then you can does this!” “private insider only videos”  “I can build under you”

Come on, I was born at night, but not last night!  Don’t insult my intelligence.

Get clued in, learn the core basic fundamentals, and get to work…

Build yourself something real, something lasting and something to be PROUD of…:)















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2 Responses to How NOT To Market Your Business On Facebook

  1. Great post Shelly, I get similar invitations and truly I just can’t understand how sending messages like this can feel OK for some people. I guess they have been shown that it is acceptable. Not sure but either way, there are some bubble like organisations that will burst anytime with this kind of marketing. Some might get away with it because yes…they do have that much reach on social media (very rare and if they do, they are not using it to impress people) …this can’t be duplicated and sounds so far fetched.
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Posture = Preparedness + Attitude

  2. Taryn says:

    Blows my mind that people think that kind of message is received well. What kind of crack training are they taking? Clearly not YOURS!! Keep it up sista.

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