Leads, Leads, And More Leads…(The Lifeblood of Network Marketing)

A couple months back I wrote a blog post called:

“The One Basic Element To Start Making Money In A Network Marketing Home Business”

In case you didn’t read it, you can either click HERE or just know that the “one basic element” = people to talk to!

And to SUM IT UP, any way you slice it you have three (3) choices of people to talk to:

1.  Friends, Family and Referrals  (Click HERE to understand HOW TO talk to them)

2.  Purchased Leads (Must have a REPUTABLE vendor)

3.  Self Generated Leads  (Must have TIME & MONEY to learn HOW)

Today I want to let you in on something very cool.

The company where I get my LEADS from has just come out with a HIGHER QUALITY,
lower cost lead.  (They’ve spent the last 5 months researching how to do this.)

With prices to fit any BUDGET…  from $24 and up…

But to me, the BEST PACKAGE they got going is the one for only $69 a month because
NOT ONLY does it include 75 leads per month…

It includes FULL MEMBERSHIP to Leaders Club.

Which in case you don’t know, provides HANDS DOWN the best coaching/training for Network Marketers looking to enhance their business.  (no hype, bullshit, or lies… just PROVEN, PRACTICAL & TRUSTED since 1994)

Anyway, don’t take my word for it… check out the LEAD packages HERE.

If YOU want to give them a WHIRL… YOU can get 10 FREE HERE!

And check out the type of coaching/training you can get HERE. (That’s included inside the $69 lead package!)

(Do the names Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard ring a bell?  Well, guess where they got their coaching/training from… YEP you guessed right, Leaders Club!)

As a bit of a side note… if you follow the customized success plan Leaders Club will create for you as part of your membership…

In as little as 90 days you’ll be prospecting and recruiting like a pro.

Think I’m kidding?  Within the last 30 days I’ve sponsored 7 people into my business…

And to think…

Some people are still messing around trying to get their ‘lead generating system’ up and running… poor things, I hope they figure it out soon…:(

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!






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  1. I am a media buyer and for my clients, I recommend a combination of online AND offline leads. Leads from business opportunity magazines in particular target only readers who are looking for a business opportunity. The quality of the lead from offline ads tends to be better than the online leads as well!

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