Because I Can And I Am…(My Manifesto Is Born)

A week ago today, I got together with my Mastermind Group.

And one of my very good friends, Miriam Buhr, shared with the group the POWER of a MANIFESTO.

In case you’re not clear as to what exactly a MANIFESTO is…no worries!

In a nutshell, it’s a PUBLIC (or private) declaration of WHO you are and HOW you see
yourself, WHAT you believe in, WHY you do the things you do, WHERE you’re going in life.

During our Mastermind session, my wheels started spinning and I absolutely LOVED the idea!

So immediately afterwards, I asked myself… “Shelly, WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?  WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?”

And almost instantly thoughts started coming to me… and as quick as they came, I started writing them down.

I waited a few days until I FELT good about everything I had written and went to work on constructing my MANIFESTO.

Actually wasn’t sure I was going to go PUBLIC with it…

But asked myself, “WHY the HELL NOT?”

Couldn’t come up with a reason not to share… so VOILA… my MANIFESTO!

In closing… I have a few questions for you…

WHO are you?  WHAT do you believe in?  HOW do you see yourself?  WHY do you do the things you do?

Are YOU willing to share your MANIFESTO?

I’d LOVE to see it…

Until next time,

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!


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5 Responses to Because I Can And I Am…(My Manifesto Is Born)

  1. Miriam Buhr says:

    Drafting your very own Manifesto will definitely IGNITE a sense of Confidence and certainly EMPOWER you to Be, Do, & Have what’s rightfully yours!

    Why create one… Shelly, you said it perfectly, “Because I Can and I Am!!

    In a NUTSHELL: You’re an AWESOME Woman!

    Miriam Buhr recently posted..The Power Of Vulnerability: How Can You Effectively Use It?

  2. yethiraj ramprasad says:

    i want to know more.

  3. Joanne says:

    Wow! I love this idea! I think I should try to create my own manifesto and see how it can inspire me knowing myself more…
    Joanne recently posted..Wedding Mate

  4. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Shelly,

    Those are very important and powerful questions.
    Answering them one surely can set his sail in the right direction.

    Thank you for the share!

    Akos Fintor recently posted..Simple Key to Abundance

  5. This is BRILLIANT!

    An art piece of intention;
    the forward to a life worth recording.

    Great statement, Shelly.

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