How To Be A Network Marketing Crusader

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How To Be A Network Marketing Crusader

Here’s how you can be a crusader…

First, let me say thank you to all of you that wrote in last week. I was moved by the
overwhelming show of support for integrity in network marketing.

I promised that this week I would give some thoughts on what being a crusader means.

Before I do that, let’s talk about what a crusader isn’t.

A crusader isn’t someone with a chip on his or her shoulder. It’s not someone wanting to
take network marketing down or watch companies go down in flames.

Crusaders believe that network marketing is worthwhile – an honorable way to allow people to participate in the entrepreneurial dream. Most would not be able to participate
in a traditional business because of the costs involved.

Crusaders defend their companies and their industry from unjustified attacks from the
outside… and yes from within. Because the reality is that today’s biggest lie isn’t that
network marketing can make you rich quick (though that’s still a lie) but rather that network marketing can be built like any other business.

As a result the average network marketer spends over $2000 in their first six months in
business yet sponsors less than one person.

So what can crusaders do about it?

Step one is to understand the business you are in. Direct marketing expert Michael
Masterson put’s it this way: “So many of the most expensive mistakes first-time
entrepreneurs make are “outsider” mistakes — errors that someone with experience in
the field would not have made.”

That’s where most people in network marketing go wrong too – making “outside”
mistakes. You see, Network marketing is different from traditional businesses. Most of
the money wasted is a direct result of wanting to engage in types of marketing that don’t
fit the natural network marketing business model.

A great example of this are all those ads telling you need to get as many people as quickly as possible in order to be successful. Funny how those guys never seem to last very long…

I can tell you right now if you don’t have a 4 year plan for your network marketing
business – starting with simply breaking even, then earning a modest profit and building
from there – you will most likely fail.

As crusaders we need to call BS on those marauders that say otherwise.

This doesn’t mean that finding the liars and cheats should become your new business –
on the contrary – it’s something you should be mindful of as you go about prospecting
and interacting with others in this industry.

If you come across someone in your company making misleading claims, notify your company. Your company can’t possibly monitor every distributor. You can help them by
being their eyes and ears. Because from now on the FTC can take action against your
company for what distributors say… that affects you directly.

If you run across grossly misleading promotions from others in this industry take 2 minutes to report them the FTC ( Mind you that the FTC doesn’t have the
resources to go after each individual marketer (which is why they go after companies)
but as I proved with last weeks example they will go after the big fish and those that are the worst offenders.

This week we published a full disclosure statement on our site outlining the new FTC rules and how we not only comply (always have) but that we agree with them. You can see them HERE.

Insist that the companies you represent make a similar commitment to integrity.

Next week, I’ll share how network marketing is different from other traditional businesses and why those differences make all the differences in what works and what doesn’t when
it comes to building it.


Andre Vatke, Founder
Leaders Club

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