Confession Of A Prospecting Call Gone Bad

OMG!  Can YOU say, DORK?  Because that is exactly how I felt.

Back in the day, I would have NEVER admitted to this, let alone write a PUBLIC blog post about it.

But since I understand EGO and losing it for the sake of myself and those around me…

I know this will not only help you in building your Network Marketing business, it will prove to you that mistakes are made no matter how long you’ve been in the industry and they can always provide a learning experience.  (Even if it is at my expense…LOL)

So here’s the deal…

If you’ve been in the industry any time at all, you know The One Basic Element You Need To Start Making Money In A Network Marketing Home Business is PEOPLE TO TALK TO!

And I’m sure you also know that there is a certain level of skill required to do that.

Well I know that too.  But based on my performance the other night when I was returning a call to a lead.

I made the BIGGEST FOOL out of myself EVER.

I swear, it was almost like I had NEVER EVER EVER picked up the phone before and called a lead, let alone sponsor anyone.   (Thank goodness I have documented proof…LOL)

In fact I told one of my very close friends and colleagues, “OMG… I just called a lead and it was the most STUPID EFFIN CALL I EVER MADE… You would have thought I never spoke to a SOUL in my life!”

I’m not going to get into all the GRUESOME details, let’s just say, I reverted back to my old days of TELLING and SELLING.

(Thank you Andre Vatke for teaching me the Consultative Approach, even though I had a complete BRAIN FART the other night!)

Check this out… at one point I was so FLABBERGASTED with myself…

I actually told the poor woman that if she wanted to… she could simply HANG UP ON ME.  I also told her that if there was a ROCK in my OFFICE I would CRAWL under it.

(She probably thought I was a TOTAL NUTCASE but the fact of the matter is… she was very GRACIOUS and KIND)

I mean come on… who says that SH!T?  (Apparently, I do… LOL!)

Anyway… I will quit BLABBING now… anything passed what I’ve already revealed would just be some sort of relief or penance for my SIN (giggle)…

The bottom line is… I hope this FIASCO I just shared with you helps you realize…

It’s all good… we are all human… and mistakes are going to be made.

The thing that’s cool, is that… we have a CHOICE to either LEARN from our MISTAKES and GROW…

OR BLAME someone for our MISTAKES and stay MEDIOCRE.

I choose the FORMER…

And Louisa… if you’re reading this post… I apologize from the bottom of my heart for being such a MORON on the telephone… LOL… It’s REALLY not who I am… (and please don’t blackmail me)

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!








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2 Responses to Confession Of A Prospecting Call Gone Bad

  1. Don Hamilton says:

    Great post
    I thought that was what we do on the phone– become a moron.
    Maybe that is where I missed it

  2. Ray Tamayo says:

    🙂 Shelly Allen Is A Rock Star….. YUP!

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