Dubbed Social Media Star + Ann Sieg & Mike Dillard

I was going through my blog and doing some HOUSE CLEANING.

I ran across this post that I wrote almost 3 years ago:

What I Have In Common With Ann Sieg & Mike Dillard

I had to LAUGH when I read it because back then my copy skills were, let’s just say, LACKING…LOL

I was completely frustrated with my network marketing business and…

I was a virtual NOBODY in the online world.

Yet I stayed the course and after going full circle through the school of hard knocks…

Not only am I back to building a thriving network marketing business

I’m have an occasional writing gig for the Costco Connection magazine helping other small business owners with ideas and tips…

And I was just surprised by a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Professional who has quietly coached many top marketers, DUB me as a… Social Media Star!

I couldn’t be more honored to get some FACE TIME on his site but more importantly…

I couldn’t be more GRATEFUL that I NEVER gave up on my DREAMS or let anyone steal them from me…

Even though it did get a little IFFY more than once (actually more than I can count or care to remember…)

So if you’re reading this and you’re questioning whether or not you will ever have success in your network marketing business…

Just keep going like I did…

Knowing that YOU are on the right path and your failures along the way are just shaping you for the success you are ever so close to achieving!

Trust me my friend, it will be well worth it!

And if you need any help or encouragement, feel free to contact me anytime… 951-294-7547 or Shelly@ShellyAllenOnline.com or click HERE

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!


PS – If you want to know WHO the MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Professional is that has quietly coached many top marketers…

Click HERE

Then scroll all the way down the page to read my testimony.

I wrote the words…

HE DUBBED me… Social Media Star!








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10 Responses to Dubbed Social Media Star + Ann Sieg & Mike Dillard

  1. Proud of you Shelly…You are a STAR!
    Selena Tention recently posted..January 2012 Miche Bag Shells

  2. Lidia says:

    Shelly you are!! It’s a pleasure to walk with you 🙂
    Lidia recently posted..Take The Home Business Questionnaire

  3. So often we forget that the people who have reached the heights we aspire to, once stood where we are now.

    We just have to keep going.

    Here’s to journeying with you, Shells.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates recently posted..Sell What You USE!

    • ShellyAllen says:

      The journey is so much more fun with friends and success minded peeps!

      Your future is BRIGHT Goddess… don’t let anyone steal your SHINE:)


  4. Jeanne says:

    That sounds like a very inspiring story.

    I hope to be able to realize the success that you have now.
    Jeanne recently posted..cool dating tips

  5. Miriam Buhr says:

    What “SEEMS” to be minutiae, and work, work, work, and more work that never pays off,
    it’s just the baseline of your greatness.

    That 90% of the iceberg that’s hidden.

    Persistence has had a BAD RAP in our instant, microwave society.

    I have always been told by my dearest mentors this: “It’s not in your time but HIS time.
    so you might as well enjoy the journey.

    For it is such a SWEET journey that you might miss it if you INSIST on focusing on
    the endpoint…. Faith in ACTION!”

    Great accomplishment Shelly!

    Miriam Buhr recently posted..Just Starting Out? Learn How To Command Authority Like The Pros

  6. Funny when you stumble across an old blog you wrote, no?
    Los Angeles SEO Guy recently posted..Reputation Management Simplified

  7. Kelly Kotlinsky says:

    Hello Admin,

    Can I subscribe to your newsletter?
    Kelly Kotlinsky recently posted..Ativan 1mg about

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