How To Add Pic To Pic Using (DIY Branding)

Grab the FREE software here—>

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2 Responses to How To Add Pic To Pic Using (DIY Branding)

  1. John Rollow says:

    Shelley — Thanks. These are truly very helpful videos. I wish I had had them about a year ago. Mighta saved me a lot of time learning Photoshop.
    I wish, tho,’ that you would point out that is for Windows computers only, not Macs. Would save the Mac owner some time.
    (Gimp now says they have a Mac version, but I haven’t checked it out yet.)

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Guess I didn’t even think about “pointing” out it was for Windows since I’m not a Mac owner (yet:))

      Nonetheless, I’m glad you found them very helpful videos!

      Thanks for stopping by John…

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