A Few Tools Of The Trade For Network Marketers & Small Business Owners

I often take for granted the KNOWLEDGE I have stored up in my NOGGIN and…

Once in a while, I forget that even though I KNOW what I KNOW… Not everyone KNOWS what I KNOW… make sense?

So today I wanted to share with you some tools of the trade that I use for both of my businesses because you might not have thought of them and will find out you need them too.

Of course I’m a STRAIGHT forward type of gal and I want you to know that some of what I will reveal in this post will be FREE and some will contain my affiliate links.

Meaning if you should decide you need a specific tool that I recommend for your business and it has my affiliate link, then I may make a little DOUGH aka MOOLAH aka MONEY:)

And let me just say…

For many years, I had no idea I could earn multiple streams of income that were tied directly to my primary businesses.

Like my good friend, The Goddess says, “We’re so used to recommending stuff for free, that we forget that we could get paid for it too.”

So not only is this blog post going to hook you up with some KILLER tools (if you need them) but it will also awaken you to the fact that…

You may be leaving some money on the table as far as your business is concerned by not offering the tools you use to your team members or people you come into contact with.

Let me show you what I mean…

If you’ve read my story, you know that I own two businesses.  A traditional small business and also a network marketing business.

With that said, I use several tools to help me in my daily tasks…

For instance, just today, I needed to convert a PDF document from my company to a WORD document so I could then add my URL to it.

The tool I used to do that was Free PDF Converter.

When the PDF was finished processing, I needed to download it.

I don’t know about you but I have two computers that I work back and forth on… a desktop and a laptop…and there is nothing more IRRITATING than working on one of them and needing a file off the other until I started using Dropbox.

In a nutshell, Dropbox (which is also FREE) is kinda like a catch-all, meaning you can store your stuff in one spot and then access from your different devices.  It works on Windows, MAC, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Another tool I use, and in my opinion is totally necessary IF you’re utilizing the Internet as part of your marketing and that is my auto-responder.  There are several available on the market today but the one I mainly use is GetResponse because for people just joining my team and starting out in business, it’s FREE for the first 100 customers.   And for SMART BEGINNERS that just makes sense.

Another tool I use is over at Priceless Possibilites.  It’s known as the Social Media List Builder because it can take your business to the next level like no other online marketing system anywhere!

Okay…so this post is getting rather LENGTHY… so I’m just going to mention a three more tools that I use in my businesses…

Obviously your reading this on my self hosted WordPress Blog.  The hosting service I use is Hostgator. In fact I host my whole army of blogs over there (yes, I said army) but you don’t need to worry about that unless of course you want to learn HOW TO make money from blogging.

Anyway back to Hostgator, I’ve used it for a number of years, they provide great customer service and they have plans starting as low as $3.96 a month.

If you’re a network marketer like me, you know that in order to build your business, you need to have people to talk to like I mention in this blog post.  A lot of network marketers today won’t tell you they still call purchased leads but I sure do.  Because let’s get real, we only have so many friend and family members, and can only generate so many of our own leads.

Anyway, I get my Surveyed Network Marketing Leads HERE.  Not only has this company been around for 18 years, so they are very reputable, their replacement policy is beyond fair because they replace any lead with bogus contact information (name, phone or mailing address) or those that are not of legal age (18) for up to 14 days of posting but the BEST part about it is they are super affordable.

Finally, last but DEFINITELY not least…

And I gotta admit, I have slacked a little in this department but am making it right this year because even though I send yearly Christmas cards to our customers for our small business…

I am going to make it a practice to send THANK YOU cards to ALL of my customers, in both of my businesses because the ART of GRATITUDE has been lost. The easiest, most convenient, and affordable way I have found to do this is through the Send Out Card service.

Which you can get as low as $9.80 a month… pretty inexpensive to show a little GRATITUDE to the people who keep you AFLOAT, don’t you think?

Go ahead, try it yourself, CLICK HERE to send a FREE card to someone in your life that you are GRATEFUL FOR on my dime.

Jeez… I cannot believe HOW long this post was…

Anywho… a nice collection of tools I use personally in my businesses and recommend to my new team members as well.

Hopefully you not only learned about some tools that might assist you in your business but you also understand that you may have been leaving some money on the table too!

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!







PS – You can find more of the tools I use over on the right hand side under RESOURCES.

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  1. Lidia says:

    Great tools Shelly…thanks for the mention 🙂
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  2. Awesomesauce, Shells.

    So flattered by the mention too 🙂
    Jacqueline Gates recently posted..Sell What You USE!

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