Technology + Instinct + Delight Your Customers

Happy first week of the New Year!!!

I’m back from a little hiatus and rearing to go…

Just got finished watching Frank Kern’s State Of The Internet Address for 2012 and as always, his shit is just plain old good.

It’s nice to have a BIG, BOOMING voice say outloud to the Internet community what many smaller voices have been saying for some time now.

It was also really nice to hear him speak of the three main pillars of a business and how the pillar that is the LEAST important is what’s being FOCUSED on the most… and that pillar is TECHNOLOGY.

In case you didn’t watch it…

Here are a few SNIPPETS of notes that I took along with a couple of his quotes:

“Two big reasons marketing and selling become so frustrating and challenging…

1.  Lack of something absolutely amazing to sell.  A product so exceptionally good, your customers have an experience which is almost magical in their eyes.

2.  A sense of overwhelm.  (trying to do too much at one time OR being so overwhelmed that you actually do nothing at all.  Brought on primarily by one root cause, “A lack of a set of concrete goals and the absense of a simple, yet effective plan to get there.”

Causing you to live in a state of REACTION.  Endless promotion emails, paying attention to all the different avenues of “internet marketing” and ultimately focusing on none and achieving absolutely ZERO results.”

And here are two quotes that I loved:

“The SOLE focus of technology in your business should be nothing other than to deliver the right message about an excellent product to the right market at the right time.  Other than that, it’s a waste of time.” 

“A good understanding of marketing is critical for your success.  However, internet community is focusing too much on marketing and marketing alone than it actually deserves.  Problem of over focusing has  grown into a bigger problem of overwhelm.”


The BEST part of watching Frank’s video for me is that…

I have been talking about this stuff instinctively for a few months now in various blog posts of mine…

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So here’s the thing…

If you’ve been stuck in the TECHNOLOGY phase and spinning your wheels because some “guru” suggested that you use an internet marketing system that is going to provide you with training or a “one stop shop” so to speak, that is going to not only educate you but is going to generate you leads as well…

Wake up and smell the friggin’ coffee and… Get back to what you need to be doing for success…

Because if you’re doing anything less than the three things that Frank talks about below, then in my opinion, you are ultimately going to end up FAILING… (not that FAILING is always bad thing)… but sometimes it’s just unnecessary.

If you’re not…

1.  Generating leads through advertising.

2.  Converting leads into customers.

3.  Delighting your customers.

Then you are fooling yourself.  PERIOD. Over. And. Out.


The State of the Internet got me riled up because it’s what I know instinctively to be true yet I see so many folks being taken advantage of out here by people who are pretending to have their best interests in mind…

Hey… quick question… from the people you have done business with… HOW MANY of them “delighted” you by, at the very least, sending you a THANK YOU card or email for doing business with them?

Alrighty then… I’m outta here…

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY…





PS – If you have a network marketing business and would like to enhance it with some supplemental training that will compliment what your company already has in place… click HERE to learn more!



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7 Responses to Technology + Instinct + Delight Your Customers

  1. Dee says:

    Great post Shelly! Love the PS line…you will surely ‘delight’ many, many people this year (again) Woohoo! It’s 2012… here’s to passion, purpose and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams!
    Dee recently posted..The Mobius Loop: Review

  2. Lidia says:

    Not surprised by this post Shelly, you are right on and have been for a long time when it comes to network marketing. Love your colorful spin on Frank’s state of the internet marketing address!!
    Lidia recently posted..Take The Home Business Questionnaire

  3. Haven’t had a chance to watch Kern’s new video, but absolutely will do so, just to see what got you all in a dither!

    As for the ‘drawback’ of focusing on technology, I wholeheartedly agree that often it can be a hindrance as much as a help.

    Much better to follow the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach!
    Jacqueline Gates recently posted..Sell What You USE!

    • ShellyAllen says:

      Technology is a GREAT tool but when it becomes OVERWHELMING it’s a problem.

      For sure… take the time to watch Frank’s video… he’s always RIGHT ON!

  4. Hi Shelly, Great post as always! I’ve been meaning to watch Frank’s vid’s and actually did watch 2 of them…the last one was where he proposed for us to look into this lady’s (forgot her name sorry) copy writing course…I fallowed to the next video and looked into it..Her course is $1000.00 ..I’m sure it’s great but I thought it was too much… Anyhoop…I agree with his message on focusing on the fundamental parts of marketing…I love the notes you gave us and that alone makes me want to watch his videos (Which I saved)…So maybe I’ll make some popcorn and have a “Kern” Fest…LOL
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Helping Art By Donating Art

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