Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses (Costco Connection)

When I got my mail yesterday, not only did I find Christmas cards and bills, I found my monthly Costco Connection magazine.

I flipped through it and to my surprise…

I did it again…:)

The article I submitted a couple of months back was published in the Fresh Views.

They didn’t even tell me it was accepted!

I am so humbled that my writing is going out to a readership of 8.5 million and it can potentially help small business owners get and stay ahead of their competition.

It’s so funny when I think back, I simply cut this video to help other small business owners take advantage of something that I found…

And that good deed turned into an occasional writing gig for the Costco Connection!

Three times this year to be exact…:)

KARMA is such a wonderful thing when you do good stuff for other people!

Anyway you can see the article below or read in on page 9 of your December Costco Connection magazine!


Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY…

Until next time…

The Uncommon Housewife

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9 Responses to Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses (Costco Connection)

  1. Miriam Buhr says:

    VALUE packed information is like honey to the productive bee!

    We’ve been talking about mobile marketing for a bit now and how great that this message is being put in the hands of HUNGRY eyes.

    Great message!

    Shelly, proud of your EXCELLENT work as a featured contributor to Costco Connection and NOW being quoted as a credible source by them too!

    Stay the course!
    Miriam Buhr recently posted..The Look Of A Leader Vs. The Posture of A Leader: Is There A Difference?

  2. Lidia says:

    What a great article Shelly!! Mobile marketing is huge and every small business should invest in the technology that will make their business mobile.
    Lidia recently posted..List building Secrets for Network Marketers

  3. Wow! Great story! You know, I am just starting out as a small business my self. I am an SEO consultant for a few clients. I soon realized that mobile is where it is at! I have a new business partner, and we have decided to take start a dc sms marketing company! One of the things we are looking into is being able to sell mobile websites as well. This is a really awesome story, I am looking forward to hearing more!

    Ryan McKinney
    Ryan McKinney recently posted..QR Codes Explained

  4. That’s great news! Just as well you stumbled across the article seeing as they didn’t tell you it was in.
    Jed the LA SEO Guy recently posted..How to Avoid the Google Sandbox

  5. Word Nerds are cooool! Congratulations, my friend. Well deserved. Keep spreading the good words.
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..Enough with the Income Claims!!!

  6. You’re right. A good deed will always be rewarded with something equally good.
    I’m happy for you Shelly.

    You had me humming Britney’s song as I read the article.

  7. Gin says:

    Hi Shelly, Wow! congratulations! that would definitely be the most wonderful thing to happen to your write ups. great job! i hope you continue to do more interesting articles, and the good deeds will bring you more success precious than any.

    by the way, what is this site? i mean the theme you are using?
    Gin recently posted..Follow These Guidelines For Home Business Success

  8. I knew that mobile marketing is very important for business, but honestly i didnt realize that it is applicable for small business, i thought this is the strategy just for big business management. But after reading your article i am well confidence and want to say thanks for your tips, and the way you wrote there have no other way for Costco Connection magazine without publishing your article. its really helpful for small business owner.

  9. dave says:

    Good job Shelly, this is a great post keep with your great posts Shelly
    dave recently posted..Investing Money During In School – It could Don’t Too Early To begin

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