The One Basic Element To Start Making Money In A Network Marketing Home Business

I will tell you right now, this post will not be a ‘popular’ one.

In fact, some may say it’s unrealistic and there needs to be more.  But I’m not into ‘popular’ and I’m very realistic… so ask me if I care!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the one basic element you will need to get started making money in your network marketing home business today:

People to talk to!

That’s it!  Told you it was basic…

People to talk to!

The way I see it, you have three options to get the one element you need:

1.  Friends, Family and Referrals (warm market)

2.  Purchased Leads (cold market)

3.  Self Generated Leads (local market)

Time and time again, I see people come into the home business industry and never get off the starting blocks because they get so inundated with STUFF… (i.e. auto responders, contact managers, capture pages, blogging, video marketing, article marketing, etc.)

And learning HOW TO make the STUFF work…

They never get started building their business because they are in the constant learning mode of things that will not make them money anytime soon.

So let’s get REAL here…

You started your home business to make money, right?

The ONLY thing that is going to make you money is… getting your product or service out to the end consumer.

The only way you’re going to do that is by ultimately having PEOPLE TO TALK TO…

So if some how you were given the impression that you could build your business on autopilot or…someone would build it for you or…you could use a system to generate leads and would never have to talk to anyone or…whatever else you were lead to believe…

The bottom line is…

This is a RELATIONSHIP business and if you don’t like talking to people, you might want to consider doing something else from home.

In the network marketing home business industry, the most important skill you will need to learn is HOW TO communicate with people.

And in my opinion, the perfect place to start is by using what you already have access to…

Your friends and family!!!

You might be thinking, “My friends and family are certainly not going to be interested in my home business.”

Well guess what… I agree

But it’s still a great place to start while you’re perfecting your communication skills.

And hold on, before you stop reading…

I want you to watch this video I made to explain exactly what I’m talking about…

Now getting back on topic…(I rabbit trail a lot:))

Am I suggesting you will never need more than just people to talk to for your home business?

NO… what I’m saying is… to get yourself started right away and not get sidetracked from your initial goal of making money…

The thing you need is… PEOPLE TO TALK TO.

I realize that what I’m telling you here is not SEXY… but it’s not about being SEXY… it’s about getting DOWN, DIRTY and REAL!

You are going to have to learn to communicate with people about your business in order to find out if it will serve them or not.

And for the record, your first goal should be to break even and then as you begin to build your business, and practice your communication skills, there will be plenty of time to acquire and understand the other STUFF that is available to make things runs smoother.

So take it for what it’s worth, which is a lot, and do with it what you want.

It’s the TRUTH as I know it and what I follow in building my own business daily.

And as far as the other two options I suggested…I put them in the order of simplicity and lower cost factor…

2.  Purchased leads (you have to find a reputable vendor)

3.  Self generated leads (you have to invest time and money in learning how)

Both of which I can help you understand more about…so let me know if you need help with that.

Until next time…

Nothing but LOVE & FUN + DOWN & DIRTY!

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4 Responses to The One Basic Element To Start Making Money In A Network Marketing Home Business

  1. I used to be on that merry-go-round of purchasing product after product. Yet never really utilizing those products and getting the value out of them. I was caught up in purchasing rather than the basics of building relationships like you speak of. Great advice people!

    LOVE the video…you want me to make what kind of list!
    Selena Tention recently posted..Sweet Potato THIGHS Workout + DIY Kettlebell(video)

  2. Lidia says:

    Well. it’s about damn time someone blew the guru plan out of the water!! They all say it’s the relationship business but they all teach something 10th. It’s actually very simple as you say Shelly, you have to talk to people. And now that you know that make up your mind if that’s what you are prepared to do. If NOT….you need to look into another home business model.
    Lidia recently posted..List building Secrets for Network Marketers

  3. Nathalie says:

    Hi Shelly, oh! I really love this post! I mean it’s all there girl! Awesome advice and all true. I’m so glad to hear how you are guiding people. This is the way to do thongs no doubt! Loved your VID, loved it all ( great kitchen ) … LOL keep on rockin the business world!
    Nathalie recently posted..How Do You Live Your Life To The Fullest ~ An Interview With Nancy Shields

  4. I love your blog, and it is not always easy, and generating leads online definitely takes work
    marisa parker recently posted..The Internet Home Business in 2012

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