Is It Need OR Is It Greed? The Question To Ask…

That question can pertain to many things in your network marketing business career and  I am especially writing this for those who are just starting out or to those who have been in for awhile but struggling to get desired results.

Today, I am going to focus that question on the many available “automatic lead generation systems” found on the internet.

I’m not going to mention any by name because there are several out here on the internet and besides that, it’s not my style.

I am however, going to give you some FOOD for THOUGHT and point out three things that you might want to consider before getting involved with using one.

1.  If the system in question is promoting and using “the latest fads in marketing”  understand that fads are just that…FADS!  Temporary, “here today gone tomorrow”.   Such fads include Facebook, Twitter, tribe syndication and more.  That being said, those FADS do not and will not replace the evergreen basics of building your business…those that are not focused around trends, terminology or dates.  Evergreen outlasts time… Fads waste time!

2.  If the system in question talks about “generating leads on auto-pilot” realize that you  still have to market the system to get it out there so people can find it.  (You might want to read this article on Internet Saturation to better understand what you would be competing with getting your “automated lead generation system” found out here.)

3.  If the system in question has a bunch of products on the inside, be aware that you may not need them, it’s just a way for the person who brought you to that system, to make more money off of you… WITHOUT taking into consideration what you really need for your INDIVIDUAL success.  This sort of thing will cause you MASS CONFUSION and take you away from your primary business.  (Sad to say but that’s what A LOT of people count on to line their own pockets.)

Alright, well I think I will end there…

It’s more than enough for you to CHEW on and to CONSIDER before using an “automated lead generation system”.

And don’t MISCONSTRUE what I’m pointing out because there are a handful of tools you will need for your business, however…

Before you commit yourself to any tools or systems…

Do three things…

1.  Ask a TRUSTED ADVISER or FRIEND to look at it objectively with you…

2.  Ask yourself this question… Is It NEED or Is It GREED?  (“oh my, they say it’s going to “automatically” generate leads for me and I won’t need to ever talk to prospects again and they even say they will build it for me!”)

3.  Remember, NOTHING can take the place of a REAL TIME, personal relationship with a person.

If you take the emotion out of it and really THINK…

I’m confident YOU will come up with the RIGHT answer for yourself…

I have FAITH in you:)

Nothing but LOVE & FUN until the FAT LADY sings…

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12 Responses to Is It Need OR Is It Greed? The Question To Ask…

  1. It’s definitely not that system that’s going to build the relationships with you. You have to build the trust of others to earn their business and a automated system can’t do that. Great insight Shelly!

    Next time can you find a more flattering picture of me… 😉
    Selena Tention recently posted..CLUTTER – Rid The Garbage In Your Life

  2. Lidia says:

    Well, there is so much we could say about this type of stuff eh?The systems really take away from the real need of what this business is about. It’s about building relationships and e-mails alone don’t do that.

    As always great post Shelly!
    Lidia recently posted..List building Secrets for Network Marketers

  3. Miriam Buhr says:

    Indeed Shelly…”NOTHING can take the place of a REAL TIME, personal relationship with a person.” Yet there is something to be said about also creating additional ways so that you can continue your conversation with people. With that said, it still depends on the “system” of choice, the MOTIVE behind using such types of automated resources, and ultimately how you use it.

    Currently there is a SHIFT in the way the marketplace views automation. It used to be a great leverage tool and to an extent it still can be a good tool. Yet, the meaning behind its use has gotten to be a SORE spot for people who want more human connection and those that have had less than ideal interactions with the human behind the machine.

    Automation to an extent represents a distant, mechanical interaction with an out of touch person. There are ways to humanize it but how it’s done and whether it’s done is a sort of different kind of BEAST. Nowadays people want to know you CARE and are transparent. Read Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It and The Thank You Economy, to get a good sense of the trend that’s being noted. Systems that are automated spark lots of questions. Gary proposes more focus on caring for your customers by way of humanizing the interaction. It’s going back to our grandparents’ era of how business was done.

    Whether you use a pre-fabricated system or one that you’ve created to fit your needs, the question remains, and I believe it’s what you suggested in your post,…. Have you really thought about your true INTENTION for using such systems? Does it fit your personal needs? And is it in tune with what you value, and the value that you propose that you’re providing to your customers?

    Ultimately nothing is automated because you still need to INSERT the human element in the mix to get the machine started and keep it rolling. We all use systems. The key is to know your reasons for using ‘a system’ and to be aware how it fits with your value and the VALUE that you want to offer the marketplace.

    Miriam Buhr recently posted..Got Writer’s Block – How To Generate Writing Ideas For Your Blog?

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  5. Hi Shelly,
    I agree it’s not really a good idea to rely solely on automated systems for your networking business. Successful marketers encourages us to build relationships first with prospects because people tend to buy from people they know, like and trust.
    And yes, there are many tools out there and we should only choose the ones that can really help us in our business.
    We can use these fads that you mentioned like Twitter and Facebook to some extent because currently they are the ones that generate result. I think many business owners are starting to realize the importance of interaction and are using their FB page to connect with consumers.
    These points you made are indeed food for thought and ones internet marketers and business owners should look closely into.
    Theresa Torres recently posted..Catching Up with the American Dream

    • ShellyAllen says:

      “I think many business owners are starting to realize the importance of interaction and are using their FB page to connect with consumers.”

      I completely agree with that Theresa…

      I think Facebook is a wonderful way for businesses to connect with and interact with their potential and existing customers.

      It’s when the so called ‘gurus’ entice other marketers and pump up these social networks for something they are not!

      Thanks for your reply!


  6. Kim says:

    Shells, Shells, Shells…….

    Wheeeww…we could go on and on about this all day long!

    Problem is, PEOPLE are filled with greed, they just haven’t a clue. Why? Because the first thing that pops into someone’s mind when they see.. “easy, cheap, free, automated, fast, turn-key” is GIVE ME… GIVE ME! THEY want to take THAT road because it’s easier to HOPE that “making money online” is just “something ANYONE can do!”

    Problem is NOT anyone can do it!

    ONLY people who have a desire to LEARN, HELP OTHERS, EXCEL TO THEIR FULLEST ABILITY, and NEVER GIVE UP will make ANY money online, (WITH OR WITHOUT A SYSTEM!)

    Systems are SCARY.

    They can HELP if you LEARN how to use them successfully. THEY CAN KILL, if you just buy them on a whim.

    SO, yes the choice is one NOT to be taken lightly!!
    AND when you do choose.. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!

    Bottom line, People SKILLS NEVER DIE….so spend more time and focus on THAT
    RATHER than worrying about what SYSTEM is going to make you RICH!

    By the way….
    THAT picture is making me want cake and ice cream REAL BAD!!

    Chocolate or red velvet? 😉

    Kim recently posted..Now, you can embed your videos and look like a PRO!

  7. Right Shelly, people are always trying to “chase the money” and always looking for the latest gimmick to get leads and traffic. I’m a professional Search Engine Marketing Specialist by trade, so I know you have to keep up on the latest trends, and changes at all times, and do the research, and leg work so to speak, but most people don’t and their lack of results is usually the end result most of the time.

  8. Norm says:

    The truth will set you free only if you know Jesus and have built a solid personal relationship with him. At the end of the day we all have to ask ourselves one question? WHERE are we going to spend our eternity? Think about it there is no end. The riches of this world will disappear but take great joy in knowing that eternal riches are awaiting for you that know him. God Bless

  9. Hi Shelly ( I shared a similar comment on Miriam’s blog today)

    I can’t wrap my mind around how people tend to hide behind the fact that they use a system and say that they will promote it to “help” other people when we all know that in fact most of these systems are affiliates you make money with…

    We know we are going to invest in our education when we first start online…but there is a difference between getting a really helpful and valuable course and a system that seems to have new products for you to buy indefinitely…

    I mean for a new person, paying $29/Mo, $49/Mo, $69/Mo, $97/Mo IS a big deal when we know that a lot of these same people are not even making money with their online business yet! And they still have to learn how to use these systems…It takes a while! Meanwhile they keep an eye open for something shinier and easier to set up and to get results with!

    By the time they would be ready to make a little money with “one” particular system…the next Guru “in line” has come up with the next best and bigger deal!

    There has to be a distinction here and not enough people are speaking up… I know for my part I have used a lot of different systems never finding out what I truly need for myself and to offer the people in need of steps to put in place their online business.
    What I know to be a fact is that people need to invest in themselves and in developing their own skills.

    Yes we need steps and guidance when we first online…but often, new systems promising the moon are just a big distraction and as you said it so well Shelly, people are not focusing on building their team and growing their business…Thanks for sharing your post with me …Loved it and needed to see it…Ciao!
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..How To Create A Zen Circle

  10. Need and Greed maynot be always differentiated by their volume, but they can be identified almost everytime by their intent – the purpose. Let me explain, if I say I wanna make 1 million dollars then that may sound selfish, like a “Greed”! However if the Goal to make 1 million dollars is intended to help as many “needy people” by donating some amount to charities etc then that Goal is not a Greed but a Need 🙂

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