Are You On Accident or On Purpose?

Okay… so I’ve been contemplating, for a few weeks, about my direction in life…

Wait, let me get REAL here…

I’ve been questioning the direction of my life for a freaking long time because something
just didn’t FEEL quite right!  (it just seems like a few weeks because many things have
become CRYSTAL CLEAR to me lately)

For awhile now I’ve been going down, what I thought, was my path.  It wasn’t until recently,  I realized, I was not.  I was actually going down a road that was as bumpy as a frogs ass and I couldn’t get my balance!

And for lack of a better description…

It felt FORCED and I’m definitely not the type a gal who is FORCED into anything.  (I may be FORCEFUL but that’s an entirely different story…lol)

When you THINK about it…none of us like to be FORCED… We’ve just been conditioned like Pavlov’s Dog since birth!

So my whole point of me writing this is to let you know…

If there’s something in your life that just doesn’t feel PEACHY KEEN…

Pay close attention to that because your FEELINGS are a GIGANTIC indicator (RED FLAG) regardless of HOW a situation may look.

And I really want you to understand you can change it anytime you decide~

It took me many years to discover that, even though instinctively inside, I could FEEL it the whole time!

And now I know…from this point forward in my life… Everything is going to be alright and nothing but LOVE and FUN!

The best part is…

You can FEEL that way too because it’s NEVER too late to be on PURPOSE instead of on ACCIDENT!

You just have to make the choice… it really is JUST THAT SIMPLE!

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One Response to Are You On Accident or On Purpose?

  1. Miriam Buhr says:

    Hey Shelly,

    Funny thing about perception…it often clouds our thinking.

    William James said, “Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear.”

    Yet when we allow and experience ‘stillness’ it sure can help clear things up and it almost feels like laser eye surgery.

    Love it when you said “…it’s NEVER too late to be on PURPOSE instead of on ACCIDENT! [and]

    You just have to make the choice… it really is JUST THAT SIMPLE!”

    It really is that simple and indeed it starts with making a choice.

    Great insight Shelly!
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