Marketing Tip With A SPLASH Of Psychology

Well it’s a beautiful but rainy Labor Day morning 2011 and I’m sitting in my kitchen as I write this post.

I just got done reading a really great marketing psychology tip inside of a private mastermind group I belong to.

The point of the article was to inform us that “people feel happier when they buy or invest on experiences rather than material things.”

It went on to talk about research done through Cornell University (an Ivy League
College located in New York) and it’s findings.  Which of course I just mentioned above.

And then… the article ended with a question…

“So which platform do you think will create long-term clients, one that focuses
on material buys or experiential purchases?”

After pondering it for about a half a second…lol

Here was my answer within the private mastermind group:


Of course I like the “experiential platform” because…

It’s always fun to connect/interact with people but here’s my long, drawn out version
for either platform…

The platform that will create long-term clients is the platform that revolves around

A platform that does what it says… says what it does…

A platform that under promises and over delivers…

A platform where the customer is number one.

A platform that helps… not harms people.

A platform that, in the end, will make people turn into RAGING FANS who will stick
like glue because they received so much VALUE they can’t help but come back for more…;)


So the point of me sharing ALL of this with you is to just remember the GOLDEN RULE
in whatever platform you chose to use in your marketing…

“Treat others as you would like to be treated!”

Because in the end…what comes around… goes around!


I read a quote this weekend on my friend, Gisele Wright’s Facebook profile, which…

Pretty much sums it ALL UP…

“be careful how you treat people… the same folk you meet going up… you will meet coming down.”

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  1. Dave Hansford says:

    Excellent post Shelly and of course you are completely correct.

    Dave H

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