How To Pick Local, Small Business Keywords

Being a traditional small business owner myself, I’ve discovered that there are many different variations of keywords to describe my business.  With that being said, I almost let myself become overwhelmed thinking about my competition for ranking on the search engines.

But what I quickly realized is that, since I was only wanting to compete in my local area, my only competitors were the other local businesses.  So that definitely changed the playing field and lowered my level of stress!

A few things that helped me when I started my local SEO were:

1.  Pick one or two keywords to start with that best describe my website as a whole.

2.  I used the tools available to help research my keywords, i.e. Google Keyword Tool

3.  I was specific in my geographic location.  For example, I live in a large area known as the Temecula Valley.  Within the Temecula Valley are several smaller cities, so rather than me using the keyword “Temecula Valley Bumper Repair” when I first started, I narrowed it down to just my very local area, “Canyon Lake, CA Bumper Repair”  (which today I pretty much own the first page of Google under that keyword;))

Hope that information was helpful and if you’d like more, I’ve put together an entire video series called Keywords Made Simple.

Click HERE to take advantage of that!

And I will see you soon!


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  1. Clive Hall says:

    I fell into the trap six months ago of using an SEO company to try and achieve google page one for mobile marketing! no chance. I have now used the google keyword tool to find the longtail keywords which have a relatively high number of local searches but demand is low. I have now built my keyword strategy around these results.
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