Does Your Small Business Need A Facebook Page?

The other day I read an article over at and I learned that in 2010 more than 48% of small and medium sized businesses had a Facebook page.

I really wasn’t surprised because Facebook is such a GIGANTIC social media site…

And SMART businesses are taking advantage of it because they are hip to knowing consumers are already there chatting it up with their friends and family.

Unfortunately, the slow pokes who haven’t established their small business Facebook page are going to lose out if they don’t get it going.

So if you are reading this post and you are a slow poke (I mean that with love) all is not lost because creating a Facebook page isn’t all that difficult.  But I do want you to understand it is something that will take some time and consistency.

But in the big scheme of things, it will be well worth it because you won’t lose out on the chance to talk about your products and/or services…

Plus more importantly…

You won’t lose out on the chance to interact with your customers on a personal, real time level.

Which is a BIGGIE nowadays.  I mean it’s always been a BIGGIE but got lost in the shuffle somewhere.  Don’t believe me?  Go pick up a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s newest book, The Thank You Economy.


Let me calm your nerves…

Creating and managing your Facebook page isn’t something that you will have to spend hours and hours on every single day.

But you will need to clear your calendar and make time to share information, chit chat with your customers, and also offer different types of goodies, like specials or coupons.

Also, once you begin your Facebook journey, you will need to let people know that your business has a Facebook page.

A few ways you can do that are; add a Facebook Like Box to your website (like the one I have to the right), have a link in your email signature file, use the Facebook logo in your offline print advertising, as well as any marketing you may do online.  To let your established customer base know, you may want to send out a postcard or email newsletter.

Keep in mind, quality over quantity, when building your Facebook empire.  What I mean by that is, there are some small businesses that find fast success and build a huge following that seems to be almost overnight.

Typically, a new Facebook page takes time to populate and the goal should be to build slow and steady, and let folks come towards you naturally with the focus on them.

Then it’s game on and time to get your fans to engage your page!  This is where some creativity will come into play, whether it’s with a cool, customized page, new content, specials, coupons, etc.

Basically whatever it takes to keep your peeps happy, talking about your page with their friends and coming back more than once.

The bottom line is…

There are so many creative ways that will help develop your social networking on Facebook and you will think of them as you go.

But you can’t put the cart before the horse…

So if you haven’t already…

Go set up a Facebook page today for your small business and start by taking steps to build a cool place where you can interact with your customers, create lasting relationships and also attract more business.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed it…

The answer to the question;

Does Your Small Business Need A Facebook Page?




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  1. My cousin, Stella, is selling clothes for men and women on Facebook to interact with customers. I have recommended her to my friends in Facebook. In fact, her business is growing fast. recently posted..Vitamins City

  2. Johanna says:

    Very interesting article. I’ve been debating whether to start a page or not for my freelancing website. I didn’t put that much thought into it. I guess I’ll have to think a little deeper on this! Thanks!
    Johanna recently espresso machine

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