Shelly Allen Is A Liar (There’s A Three-Fold Lesson Here)


I just got done TOOTING my own horn the other day about my very first article written for the Costco Connection.

And I appear to be making a liar out of myself because I said I normally don’t TOOT my own horn…

Well here I go again…

Tooting my own horn twice in the same week…

Sheesh… what is this world coming to?  LOL

But I just can’t help it because…

It’s not everyday that a person gets a compliment from one of the BIGGEST names on the internet and I just did!

Now if you’ve followed me for anytime at all…

You know that I have been mentored by Diane Hochman.

Well today I noticed a conversation going on over at her Facebook wall…

I couldn’t help but chime in because it was about another person I’ve learned so much from, Joe Schroeder.

I mean I went from using prewritten, gag me with a PITCH FORK, auto-responder emails…

To being able to now send out an email, written by myself with a tad bit of thought and actually making sales without ever speaking to anyone!

Pretty cool, right?


There’s a three-fold lesson here that I want to share…

#1 – If you give without want, you shall receive!

Here’s PROOF…

Check out the VERY HIGH public compliment I got from Diane all because I chimed in on her Facebook wall discussion to give props to Joe Schroeder and his teachings…

#2 – If you have heart, determination and persistance you can get to where you want to go!

How else can you explain me going from a Former MLM Dork (my very first lead capture page)

To being able to send out emails and make money, becoming a Founding Member of The Home And Small Business Network , standing next to one of they most powerful women on the internet as my colleague and writing articles for Costco magazine?

#3 – Self promoters rule the world…  So start TOOTING your own horn!  It’s okay to FLAUNT YOUR STUFF and show people where you’ve been and where you are going because it’s your story that will help them on their journey!

Food for thought, yes?

You have a great day…

Hopefully I’m done TOOTING my own horn for a bit…NEVER! <smile>

And if you need me, let me know!


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2 Responses to Shelly Allen Is A Liar (There’s A Three-Fold Lesson Here)

  1. Penny Marsh says:

    Congratulations Shelly- I enjoy your emails too. You always have interesting tidbits that I find very useful.
    Thank you
    Penny Marsh recently posted..Battle Between Two Wolves

  2. Cathie Heath says:


    Salesmen and self-promoters RULE!

    Cathie Heath recently posted..Never Let Them See You Sweat – 3 Keys to Building Your Following

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