You Can Fix What’s Broken Once In Awhile

A few months ago…

I switched over to a self hosted, WordPress blog.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again…

I’m very happy that I did because there are so many different options, it’s incredible!

Anywho, if you are a self-hosted, WordPress user yourself, I want to share this really cool plugin I just found.

It’s called Broken Link Checker

You can read all about it HERE but…

To give it to you in a NUTSHELL, which is how I like it…

This plugin is kinda like a WATCHDOG and it sniffs out dead or broken links.

Then it let’s you know if and where any are found.

Plus it gives you several different options like: edit, recheck, fix redirects, unlink and mark as not broken.

I mean, let’s face it, things out here on the internet travel and change faster than the speed of light!

Or wait a minute, do I mean speed of sound?

You get my DRIFT, right!

So I installed it, activated it and within 10 minutes it located five dead and broken links out here that I would have never even remembered.

So in my book, it’s a pretty nifty and efficient plugin!

Plus it keeps me looking like I know what I’m doing by making sure my links alive and fresh;)

Hope it’s as good for you as it was for me…LOL

See you around!

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2 Responses to You Can Fix What’s Broken Once In Awhile

  1. Cathie Heath says:

    Very cool, Shelly!

    Cathie Heath recently posted..Self Management Is Just Good Business

  2. Brian C Nissen says:

    Thanks Shelly, that’s a plugin thats worth a million, thanks for sharing that, i’m always missing things and changing things a broken link plugin sounds fantastic. Brian
    Brian C Nissen recently posted..Leverage Your Life By Learning To Make Positive Changes

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