Small Business Owners; SmallBiz Theme 3.6 Released

As a small business owner, several years ago, I recognized the need for an online presence.  However, today, the need has never been GREATER!

And I consider myself very lucky because I’ve been online since 1995 learning all I can.  (You can read my story here)  Yet many small business owners didn’t have that luxury, so the challenges of building an online presence can be a HUGE problem for them today.

Then multiply that with the NEWEST trend of mobile marketing, and the typical small business owner, who is out trying to make a BUCK working their business, is feeling completely overloaded by trying to figure out what they need to do online in order to stay ahead of their competition.

So for me, as a ‘do it yourself’ type person and someone who also helps other small business owners with their online marketing, I personally use and recommend WordPress as a SIMPLE solution for my online presence.

I have found the WordPress platform to be one of the BEST ways to build and maintain a website and add content easily.

With that, I have been EXTREMELY PLEASED about a WordPress theme I have been using for the last couple of months, SmallBiz Theme, because the functionality for small business is OFF THE CHARTS!

Not only does the theme let you create super customized small business websites easily, the theme also has built in features for improving local search results and check this out…it also has a built in, special feature to help manage SOCIAL MEDIA.

But in my opinion, the BEST PART IS…

The the SmallBiz Theme has the ability to create INSTANT, touch-enabled pages that are mobile ready for devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Watch my video here!

So when you consider that Google is saying that 50% of all searches on mobile devices are for local goods and services, the ability to create an INSTANT touch-enabled page is like a small business owner’s DREAM come TRUE because it’s so EASY with the SmallBiz Theme!

Oh and one more thing…

I’m a little DISTRAUGHT but I had NO CLUE this was coming out in the latest version  because if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have purchased it somewhere else, but now I have the capability to create, CUSTOMIZE and manage a Facebook page right from the comfort of my SmallBiz Theme!  How cool is that?

So the moral to my story is this…

The SmallBiz Theme is an EXCELLENT answer for any small business owner who would like to take advantage of an online presence “TO THE HILT” without breaking the bank because when you think about the price this theme starts at, which is only $117, and includes LIFETIME upgrades plus SUPPORT tools…That’s just SILLY in a GOOD WAY!

Not to mention, I would have NO CLUE where you could even begin to find something that provides this much VALUE for the price!

So if the THOUGHT of having your website/blog, mobile marketing and social media all TIED UP in one place turns you on, contact the crew over at Expand2Web LLC., and tell them Shelly Allen sent YOU!

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  1. Jo Shaer says:

    Hey, Shelly! I love Smallbiz too and the guys at their help centre are just the best when you’ve got a problem. The great thing about Smallbiz theme is that it can build a website that is as simple or as complex as you like – without requiring a huge knowledge of coding.
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