Create Mobile Enabled, Local SEO WordPress Sites Yourself

For once, I did research before jumping in and

updating my own small business website.

With that, I found was a Premium WordPress theme

that could be used for small business.

The theme is mobile enabled and has the capability

to be optimized for local search results in your area!

But the best part is…

It’s EASY to use and the price is RIGHT!

Oh yeah and here is the our newly, updated site:



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3 Responses to Create Mobile Enabled, Local SEO WordPress Sites Yourself

  1. Aloha Shelly, great video and information to know. I the next movement is shifting to the smartphones and due to the fast pace trends. It’s tough to stay with it, because it seem as if you accomplish learning one thing and another new techie trend pops up and now we have to start over again with a new learning process. Got luv it! I enjoyed your update information on your video and it’s good to see someone in the process of switching gears on your old site to the latest version and SEO. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing. Mahalo, Lani 🙂

    PS..I saw your info., on Kim’s fb wall, so here I am. Good to have connections online, makes life much easier to browse. It would be nice to see the final outcome!
    Lani Kee – SMMT recently posted..Blind Faith Has No Limitations- Literally!

  2. Marry Welson says:

    This video is really great indeed to improve my seo skill! Thanks so much!

  3. Shelly, it’s true that choosing the right theme is a critical element to building a great wordpress site, and ranking well. One of the things that can also help is using to format information on the site, especially local information. I’ve built a plugin for WordPress that makes this a lot easier to do… take a look.
    hCard Widget for WordPress
    I’d love to hear what you think..

    Michael Lautman recently posted..Improve Your Local SEO: Download the hCard Widget for WordPress

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