It Is What It Is… OR Is It?

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2 Responses to It Is What It Is… OR Is It?

  1. Cathie Heath says:

    Good point, Shelly.

    Whether choosing a totally new company or changing direction
    within your present company, outgrowing your present circumstances
    is the objective, right?
    Cathie Heath recently posted..How to Get Your Message in Front of Your Target Market

  2. That fear of changing your mind, or changing your direction, is also what stops people from making a decision in the first place.

    So often we think that making NO Decision will ‘save’ us from possibly looking foolish or have ‘wasted time’ if we find we didn’t make the ‘right’ decision in the beginning.

    And as Cathie says, we’re here to grow and evolve, and that always means there’s a high probability that we’re going to have to change direction.

    With new information comes new awarenesses, and nobody should be afraid or embarrassed to say “I made that decision based on what I knew then. I know more now and have changed my mind.”

    That, to me, is a sign of True Growth!

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