The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Business

As both a home and small business owner myself…

I want to share with you three benefits that I have found by using video marketing to help propel your business.

You see video marketing has been on the rise over the past few years…

And as I write this today…

You Tube is ranked the number three top site on the entire
internet by

So implementing video into your marketing plan can be
a terrific way to propel your business quickly.

Here are three benefits to marketing your business with

1. Larger appeal because…

Although people still read the newspaper…

A lot of people prefer to watch television to get their news.

So the same goes for a website or a blog…

Some prefer to read online while others want to see
what you have to offer.

2. Access on multiple devices…

The great thing about web video marketing is
that it can be accessed using a variety of different devices.

I mean today, it’s possible to watch videos on cell phones,
iPods, computers and much more.

Therefore, offering videos gives people the chance
to see what you have to say in multiple ways.

3. And this one is huge…Jump up in the search engines

Whether it is placing videos on your web site or blog or
submitting them to video sharing sites like YouTube…

Internet marketing videos can help you climb
up in the search engines.

When running a business, it is vital you do whatever
it takes to get on page one of the top search engines
like Google, and Yahoo.

And I should know because I use video marketing for my
small business, All Pro Bumper Repair, and I have
several page one rankings!

And on more thing before I go…

Videos are a great way to help you gain credibility
with your prospects while leaving your competition
in the dust!

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  1. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. Video’s rise in power as a marketing tool is due to its attractiveness to web surfers and it also help sites show up higher on the search engines.
    Small Business Video Marketing recently posted..Nice Video On Marketing photos

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