Google, Yahoo & Crew Are Eliminating Use Of Phone Book Advertising

Technology has certainly taken toll on certain devices and pieces of information over the years.  While iPods have eliminated CD players and DVD players have eliminated VCR’s, search engines have become the new way to market a business while pushing aside phone books.

Everyone has one of those large 30 pound books full of business names and numbers.  The problem is most people today store them in the garage or in drawers rather than making use of them.  This is precisely why phone book advertising is nothing more than a waste of your money today.

One of the more appealing facets of organic search engine rankings is the fact that it will cost you nothing.  By properly using keywords within the content on your web site and in articles dispersed throughout the internet, you can climb up in the search engines.  As a result, people searching for your niche will make their way to your web site.

And although the phone book is right there, people are on the internet several hours per day.  If you can climb up in the search engine rankings, the chance of being seen by prospects is quite high.  As a result, your overall traffic volume will increase drastically and sells will increase as well.

For now, businesses are still paying for yellow page advertising.  Unfortunately, all this does is waste time and money for those paying for ad space.  If you truly want to see results from advertising, save your money and start looking at SEO today.

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