Cool + Tool = For You!

A few weeks ago I attended a HUGE marketing seminar in San Diego!

And man, did I learn some good shit there!!!

I’m still excited about it!!!

So last night I was going through my pages of notes from

the seminar and totally forgot about this…


Thank GOD for note taking right?

A life worth living is a life worth recording…

Joe Schroeder
taught me that!!!

Gawd I could just take this post in a totally

different direction and start talking about HOW

much I’ve learned from Joe but I gotta focus…

LOL… I swear I have ADHD or whatever it’s called…


So back to DROPBOX…

It’s a FREE tool…

I mean YOU can pay for it if YOU want…

For now I am using the FREE version!

I don’t know if YOU will find value in it…

But I sure the HECK do…:)

Makes LIFE way easier…

And I’m NOT going to explain it to YOU because you’re a big person and I’m not your momma…LOL (weird humor, I know)

YOU can click HERE and watch the short, informative video and then YOU will know if it will SERVE you or not…;)

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One Response to Cool + Tool = For You!

  1. joy stokes says:

    Hey Shelly’

    What a cool tool, I just downloaded it and am going to play. Oh and by the way I left you a message on facebook.
    Talk to you later
    Thanks for the tool

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